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With a professional membership of 8,000+ and a digital audience of 60,000+ each month, you can easily reach your target audience through ASN.

All advertisements placed on ASN’s digital or physical properties are subject to review and final approval by ASN.

Contact Griff Courtney at 240-428-3613 or for details.

Banner Ads. Reach your audience through a banner ad placed on select pages on

Blog Ads. ASN’s blog is the gateway to and features the latest nutrition research and popular nutrition information. Purchase an ad that displays at the end of each article published in a given month, 5-6 articles on average.

Event Calendar Listing. Promote your upcoming event with a listing on ASN’s event calendar page, up to 1 year prior to the event.

Graduate Program Directory

ASN’s free directory of graduate programs in nutrition is one of the most visited pages on We list your program free of charge, but you can make your program stand out to potential students and faculty by upgrading your listing on the directory with an ad. In addition, we offer ad retargeting as a way to reach your audience on third-party websites after they visit the graduate program directory.

Ad Retargeting

Reach ASN’s audience after they’ve left and redirect them to your site! Get your message to the right audience when they’re browsing the web by displaying your ad on third-party sites to people who have visited Target visitors of specific pages or in certain geographic regions.


Reach ASN members in their monthly society newsletter, Nutrition Notes. This newsletter is emailed to over 8,000 members on the third Thursday of each month and is ASN’s primary communication for informing members about the society and developments in the field of nutrition. Advertisements are located in the body of the email.

Sponsored eBlast

Purchase a sponsored eBlast and ASN will send an email focused exclusively on your organization to a select audience within our network. This is a great way to get direct exposure and access to a target demographic.

ASN Connect

ASN Connect is ASN’s all new online social network, exclusive to ASN members. There are several opportunities for promotions within this community:

Login Page Sponsor. Display your logo in the footer of the ASN Connect login page.

Live Feed Sponsor. Members log in to scroll through their live feed and see the latest activity. You can sponsor the live feed and your organization logo will appear as the header on this page.

Sponsored Discussion Group (Available Spring 2021). With events moving from in-person to virtual, companies are losing the one-on-one interaction they get through their normal engagement and sales channels in exhibit halls. Regain that personal connection through a sponsored discussion group on ASN Connect. You’ll get a dedicated space for one month to have discussions with ASN members.

ASN Member Dashboard

8,000 ASN members log in to their member dashboard to get access to benefits and renew their membership. Purchase an ad on the login page and reach your targeted audience.

ASN Journals

ASN’s four journals, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Journal of Nutrition, Advances in Nutrition, and Current Developments in Nutrition are published by Oxford University Press. Opportunities are available for advertising in the digital and print versions of these publications. learn more about advertising in the journals here.

Ready to place your ad or have a question for us? Contact Griff Courtney at 240-428-3613 or

Principles and Guidelines

ASN’s Principles of Advertising include the following:

  • Advertising should be aligned with ASN’s vision, mission, Strategic Plan and imperatives, policies, and values (Diversity and Inclusion; Integrity; Respect; Innovation; Drive). The mission of ASN drives all proposed activities/programs – to advance the science, education, and practice of nutrition.
  • Advertising should address the professional needs of ASN members and the nutrition science, research, and practice communities.
  • Advertising must protect and maintain trust in ASN, and ASN’s integrity, ethical standards, credibility, and identity as an authoritative, credible, balanced voice of nutrition science and practice.
  • Financial support for advertising in no way influences ASN’s decision making regarding governance, programmatic decisions, or advocacy activities/programs.
  • Advertising does not permit control over scientific content or programming, nor does it mean or imply ASN approval or endorsement of an advertiser’s policies or products.
  • ASN does not endorse any company, brand, or product, and advertising should not be misconstrued as such.
  • Advertising content must be easily distinguished from editorial content.
  • Advertising shall not be intentionally placed or targeted to appear adjacent to editorial content that is relevant to the product or company of said advertisement.
  • Advertising is subject to review, and ASN reserves the right to refuse any advertising.
  • Advertiser must ensure that advertisement complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

In addition to the above Society-wide principles, the following policies apply to advertising displayed on or using ASN’s digital properties:

  • advertisements will only appear on select pages throughout the website. Refer to the list of available pages for which advertising is allowed.
  • All advertisements will be marked as advertisements.
  • In accordance with ACCME regulations, advertisements may not be juxtaposed with, appear in line with, appear adjacent to, or be linked to continuing medical education content.
  • ASN, in its sole discretion, retains the right to discontinue posting of any advertisement previously accepted.
  • ASN will not accept advertisements that, in the sole opinion of ASN, make unsubstantiated claims of therapeutic benefit for a particular product(s) or service(s). ASN may require an advertiser to provide valid, reliable scientific data to support any claims made in the advertisement and may require that relevant facts and information are included in the advertisement.
  • ASN will not accept advertising in any form for tobacco and tobacco-related products from tobacco companies or their corporate foundations.
  • ASN will not accept advertisements regarding pharmaceutical drugs, over-the-counter drugs, other non-prescription substances, biomaterials, or medical devices not cleared for marketing in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • ASN will not accept promotions from advertisers that automatically appear on the top of or below the content the user intends to read and therefore must be deleted before or after the user views the reader’s intended content (no automatic pop-ups from advertisers).
  • ASN has final authority for approving all advertisements affiliated with ASN.