The American Society for Nutrition’s (ASN) membership of more than 7,500 scientists and practitioners continues to grow daily.

Founded in 1928, the Society’s membership rolls read like a “Who’s Who” in the field of nutrition research.

Founding members included E.V. McCollum and E.L.R. Stokstad. Society members have received Nobel prizes, appointments to the National Academy of Sciences, and many other prestigious honors. ASN members have broken ground in research and practice, and continue to serve as trailblazers across the world.

ASN Offers 5 Categories of Membership

Regular – $210

Any individual with a doctoral-level degree (i.e., PhD, MD, DDS, DVM, DPharm, etc.) in nutrition or a related field from an accredited institution with notable accomplishments as a lead, senior, or other author of a nutrition publication in a peer-reviewed journal is eligible to apply.

Associate – $210

Any individual with a degree in nutrition or a related field, who is committed to nutrition research and practice or who demonstrates leadership in the nutrition field as an educator, speaker, advocate or administrator is eligible to apply.

Early Career

Early Career I (0-5 years) – $70

Any individual within five years of receiving a doctorate or terminal degree or young professional who has completed a nutrition or related degree within the past five years is eligible to apply.

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Early Career II (6-10 years) – $140

Any individual within six to ten years of receiving a doctorate or terminal degree or young professional who has completed a nutrition or related degree within the past six to ten years is eligible to apply.

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Undergraduate – Free

Any individual who is a candidate for an undergraduate degree and is a full-time student at an accredited institution is eligible to apply.

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Student Graduate – $35

Any individual who is a candidate for a graduate or medical degree at an accredited institution is eligible to apply.

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Any ASN member age 67 or older and in good standing for at least ten years.
Emeritus members must not be employed in a full-time capacity. Members who have retired from the profession, who hold emeritus status, or have taken a leave of absence are eligible.

REGULAR REDUCED and ASSOCIATE REDUCED Members in Developing Countries – $55

Reductions and categories are based on a member’s work and residence addresses. Members who work or reside outside of these geographic locations pay full membership dues.

ASN is proud to offer joint membership programs with other societies, offering nutrition professionals the benefits of two memberships at one low price!

New! Joint Membership with Institute of Food Technologists  – $318 USD

This membership offer will allow those in the food technology and nutrition fields to take advantage of the benefits of both ASN and IFT at one low price! Available for ASN Regular and Associate Members who are new or existing ASN members and who wish to jointly join as an IFT Premier Member.

Click here to apply.

Joint Membership with Canadian Nutrition Society Options

The Canadian Nutrition Society/la SociÉtÉ canadienne de nutrition (CNS/SCN) is the leading society integrating disciplines and professions interested in nutrition in Canada. They promote nutrition science and education, and advocate for the application of best practice and policies for the promotion of health and the prevention and treatment of disease. Members of CNS receive such benefits as online access to two journals (Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism and Nutrition in Clinical Practice), preferred rates to the CNS national and regional conferences, eligibility for CNS awards & travel grants and members-only website access.

ASN/CNS Joint Membership – $235 USD

Any individual with a doctoral-level, master’s or bachelor’s degree in nutrition or a related field from an accredited institution, who is committed to the field of nutrition research and practice or who demonstrates leadership in the nutrition field as an educator, speaker, advocate or administrator is eligible to apply

ASN/CNS Joint Young Professional – $115 USD

Any individual within five years of receiving a doctorate degree is eligible to apply or young professional who has completed a nutrition or related degree with the past three years

ASN/CNS Joint Student – $69 USD

Any individual who is a candidate for an undergraduate, graduate or medical degree at an accredited institution is eligible to apply. In joining both of these societies at once, you’ll get access to all of the latest research, networking opportunities and awards that ASN and CNS have to offer!

** ASN/CNS Joint Memberships operate on a calendar year format. Join or renew today and your membership will be active through December 31, 2021. **

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