Nutrition Research Priorities

The American Society for Nutrition identified the Nutrition Research Priorities whose advancement will have the greatest projected impact on the future health and well-being of global populations.  ASN’s Nutrition Research Priorities focus on the following high priority areas:

In addition to the identified Research Priorities, ASN also identified tools that are critical to the advancement of the nutrition research agenda:

Download ASN’s Tools to Advance Nutrition Research (PDF)

Download the Full Infographic (with FAQ section) as a PDF. 

Find out more about the ASN Nutrition Research Priorities and the tools necessary to advance them by reading “Nutrition research to affect food and a healthy life span” in all 3 ASN journals.

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View a video of Dr. David Klurfeld, a member of the Nutrition Research Priorities Work Group, discussing the research priorities

*The ASN Nutrition Research Priorities Work Group, which formulated the priorities and all resulting communications pieces, consisted of: Robert Russell, Chair; Dennis Bier; David M. Klurfeld; Zhaoping Li; Jonathan R. Mein; John Milner; A. Catharine Ross; and Patrick Stover. ASN would also like to thank the members of the ASN Obesity Work Group: Elizabeth Parks, Chair; Jose Fernandez; Susan Fried; Shiriki Kumanyika; Aviva Must; and Martin Ronis, for informing this work. ASN appreciates the assistance of all who contributed their ideas to early discussions to inform the Nutrition Research Priorities.