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Collaboration is a key feature of your ASN membership. Make the most of it with ASN Connect, where you can network virtually with nearly 8,000 nutrition professionals around the world. Share your experiences, ask your burning questions, and reach your goals – together.

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ASN Connect replaces NutriLink, the previous version of the ASN online forum. ASN Connect provides a more user-friendly platform similar to other social networking interfaces with more robust features, tailored to your preferences for an easy-to-use and valuable experience.

During these times of unprecedented change in the way we work, one thing will never change: The importance of connecting with your nutrition community through ASN.

Now, more than ever, you need a convenient, reliable way to collaborate with fellow ASN members in a private, online environment.

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  • Create a personal profile
  • Customize and sort your live feed
  • Share links, images, videos, and attachments in posts
  • Engage on others’ posts by commenting or liking
  • Search the directory of users
  • Send private, direct messages to users
  • Join any of the 20+ GEM (Groups Engaging Members) Communities
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