"This was an incredible experience that is sure to prove beneficial in my career, and I am forever grateful.” “THANK YOU, as always, for the hard work and dedication. ASN was so accommodating and helpful throughout the entire fellowship. Please let me know how I can help in any way moving forward!” “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. I hope I fulfilled the expectations of ASN.”

About the Fellowship

Gain an enhanced perspective on public policy issues related to nutrition and build skills to become a well-informed advocate for nutrition research and policy.


2020 Application Submission Opens October 1, 2019. Deadline to submit is December 20, 2019.

Applicant Requirements

Applicants must be ASN members in graduate school or early career. Learn more details below.

Meet the 2020 Fellows!

Learn more about ASN’s current Science Policy Fellows Rebecca Hagedorn and Jessica Soldavini.


ASN is pleased to offer two (2) one-year Fellowships to advanced graduate students, early professionals, postdoctoral trainees, or medical interns, residents, or fellows. The intent of the Science Policy Fellowship is to allow for an expanded understanding of current nutrition policy issues and initiatives. The Science Policy Fellowship provides recipients with the opportunity to gain an enhanced perspective on public policy issues related to nutrition and facilitates the acquisition of skills and tools necessary to become well-informed advocates for nutrition research and policy.

Scope of Fellowship

Science Policy Fellows are required to travel to Washington, DC, once during their Fellowship year to participate in Capitol Hill visits with their state Senators and Representative and to interact with federal agency personnel.  In addition, all Science Policy Fellows are required to attend an orientation session to receive training and preparation for the Capitol Hill visits. Science Policy Fellows will serve as ex officio members of ASN’s Committee on Advocacy and Science Policy (CASP) during their one-year Fellowship and are expected to actively participate in all CASP meetings scheduled throughout the year, including conference calls and the in-person meeting held during Nutrition2020. Science Policy Fellows are based at their home institution.

Science Policy Fellows must contribute to various policy-related projects originating from ASN staff, the CASP, or their mentor throughout the year, such as article/ newsletter writing, preparation of comments on pending regulations/ guidance, preparation of educational materials for Capitol Hill visits or other advocacy activities, seminar presentations, and/or updates on their activities to the CASP. Upon completion of their Fellowship year, Science Policy Fellows must prepare a report about their experiences, including knowledge gained during the fellowship, how the experience will guide their career development, strengths of the Fellowship, and suggestions for improving the Fellowship.


Each Science Policy Fellow will be paired with an ASN member with public policy experience to   serve as a mentor during the one-year Fellowship. ASN staff will match available mentors with Science Policy Fellows in a one-to-one match determined by such elements as geographic location and nutrition science/ public policy focus.

Mentors will help foster the mentees’ nutrition policy research and career via telephone, email, and/ or online meeting communications at least once a month for the duration of the Fellowship period.  Mentors review any nutrition policy-related projects completed by the mentee and projects may originate from the mentor with ASN staff approval. In-person meetings are encouraged, if feasible, and each mentee/ mentor pair should strive to meet in person during Nutrition2020, if at all possible.

I enjoyed increasing my awareness and becoming more involved with nutrition policy issues and interacting with leaders in the field. ASN staff are a tremendous help and provided assistance throughout the entire fellowship year.



    October 1, 2019


    Friday, December 20, 2019


    By February 7, 2020


    March 2, 2020


    During Nutrition 2020 (May 30-June 2, 2020 in Seattle WA)


    September 2020


Lyndsey D. Ruiz

Doctoral Candidate in Nutritional Biology, at the University of California, Davis.


Matthew J. Landry, PhD

Research Scientist and Dietetic Intern at The University of Texas at Austin.



2019-20: Jessica Soldavini, MPH, RD, LDN, and Rebecca Hagedorn, PhD

2018-19: Chris Radlicz, MS, MPH, PhD, and Jennifer Mansfield Ken-Opurum, PhD

2017-18: Alison Brown, MS, PhD, and Laura Hopkins, PhD, MSPH, RDN, LDN

2016-17: Ali Dostal Webster, PhD, RD, and Lynn Ulatowski, PhD, CV

2015-16: Emily Tomayko, PhD, RD, and Kacie Blackman, PhD



    Applicant must be an ASN member in good standing studying or working in a field related to  nutrition science, practice, or public health.


    Applicant must have excellent written and oral communication skills and an interest in advocacy, as reflected in letters of reference/ support.


    Applicant must be able to attend Nutrition 2020 and participate in a Fall 2020 Capitol Hill visit to Washington, DC during their Fellowship year. (Note: All travel costs are reimbursed by ASN.)


    Applicant must be a US citizen (or be a holder of a US green card), training in the US, during the one-year fellowship period.


    Applicants should be advanced graduate students, early professionals, postdoctoral trainees, or medical interns, residents, or fellows.

The following types of applicants are eligible:

  • Advanced Graduate Students

    Individuals in their final year of advanced (masters, doctoral) studies who intend to pursue a career in nutrition science, practice or public health.

  • Early Professionals

    Individuals holding a professional degree (obtained within the past 5 years) who are pursuing a career in nutrition science, practice, or public health (for example, junior faculty; staff and/or assistant scientists; etc.)

  • Postdoctoral Trainees

    Individuals holding a doctoral degree (obtained within the past 5 years) who are engaged in a period of mentored research and/or scholarly training for the purpose of acquiring the professional skills needed to pursue a career path of his or her choosing in nutrition science, practice, or public health.

  • Medical Interns, Residents, or Fellows

    Individuals engaged in final stages of graduate medical training. Individuals holding a medical degree (M.D. or equivalent professional degree) who are: in an internship year; completing a residency by practicing medicine under the supervision of fully licensed physicians; or serving in a post-residency fellowship, during which they are trained in a sub-specialty related to nutrition science, practice, or public health.


Application Packet Requirements

  • Application form with statement of purpose related to career goals, interest in nutrition policy, and perceived benefits of participating in the ASN Science Policy Fellowship – not to exceed 500 word maximum
  • Abbreviated CV
  • Two (2) letters of reference – not to exceed 2 pages each – which should include:
    • Relationship of author to applicant and length of relationship
    • Candid and detailed assessment of applicant’s strengths, weaknesses, and abilities
    • Evaluation or comparison of traits and accomplishments of applicant
  • A letter of institutional support and commitment from the applicant’s department head or other appropriate supervisor – not to exceed 2 pages – in order to ensure:
    • The proposed activities can reasonably be completed in the context of the applicant’s current training environment
    • The supervisor is supportive of this extracurricular effort.


Please note the strict word/ page limit on the statement of purpose, reference letters, and letter of support – documents that exceed the limit will not be accepted.  Any incomplete or late application packets will not be reviewed or assessed by the evaluation panel.

Application Packet Evaluation

Any incomplete or late application packets will not be reviewed.

An evaluation panel consisting of five ASN members, composed of Committee on Advocacy and Science Policy members, the Past Chair of the Early Career Nutrition Interest Group, and the Past Chair of the Student Interest Group, will review and assess all completed components of the application packet.