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Learn how dietary patterns, foods, nutrients, and eating behaviors impact health and wellbeing for many different groups of people and apply this information to a future career!

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Considering a Career in Nutrition or Dietetics?  

Nutrition or dietetics are popular major choices for health professional school preparation, didactic graduate programs in dietetics, and more. Many graduates with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or dietetics have furthered their education.

Students with a degree in nutrition will gain science skills in biology and chemistry, as well as skillsets in public health and nutrition, that will enable them to create and translate the latest nutrition science into practice and policy and play leading roles in academia, government, industry, or nonprofits and community organizations. Career pathways in nutrition are often geared toward those who want to impact health promotion and disease prevention and may seek to improve nutrition in various populations around the world. Degrees in nutrition or dietetics lead to many different career pathways, including research, health care, wellness, food service, clinical practice, and more.  

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Nutrition by the Numbers

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Faster than Average Job Growth: 7%

As the population ages and looks for ways to stay healthy, there will be even more demand for nutrition careers. Nutrition careers are projected to grow 7% through 2032, faster than average for all occupations. 

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70k Median Salary

Salaries increase with education and experience and many in nutrition earn incomes above $98,000. The median annual wage for nutrition was $69,680 in May 2023,1 higher than the average median wage in the U.S. 


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How to Get Started?

Once you’ve determined the career path in nutrition you want to pursue, find a degree program in nutrition or dietetics that’s right for you. Become a member of the American Society for Nutrition, your professional society for nutrition, to network with students and others to learn more about degree programs and career options!