Blue Ribbon Panel on Best Practices in Nutrition Science to Earn and Keep the Public’s Trust

ASN commissioned an independent “Blue Ribbon Panel” to review the current state of trust in nutrition science and to provide recommendations regarding how to work collaboratively with various stakeholders across sectors and disciplines while maintaining transparency and scientific rigor in nutrition science to uphold the trust of all stakeholders. Their report “Best Practices in Nutrition Science to Earn and Keep the Public’s Trust” and its recommendations were based on a comprehensive literature review. Many of the Blue Ribbon Panel members are not ASN members and do not work within the field of nutrition. To ensure complete objectivity, the ASN Board of Directors had no influence or input on the discussions or recommendations of the panel. While these recommendations apply to various stakeholders across industry, government, academia and other nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations within the field of nutrition and beyond, these recommendations were targeted to ASN.

The ASN Board of Directors now requests feedback from ASN members regarding whether (or not) the six recommendations should be implemented as proposed or as revised by ASN, as well as ideas for any additional related recommendations. Consultation with the AJCN Editor and the ASN Presidential line/Board of Directors helped us determine the best path forward as to maintaining confidentiality during journal peer review, while allowing relevant ASN members to start to weigh in on the recommendations. For that reason we cannot share the report or recommendations online. The findings of this report were shared with attendees during various Nutrition 2018 presentations in a manner similar to other scholarly presentations at professional meetings prior to peer-review and publication.

We appreciate all ASN member feedback gathered during and after Nutrition 2018 regarding the topics in these recommendations to help the Society in our implementation efforts. Thank you!

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Please contact Sarah Ohlhorst with any questions regarding the report and recommendations.