Planning for ASN's Centennial

About Us

Our Vision:

A Healthier World through Evidence-Based Nutrition

Our Mission:

To Advance the Science, Education and Practice of Nutrition

As we look forward to our centennial, we see vast opportunities in our field that build on our strengths in the areas of nutrition science-based information and practice, education and professional development, science policy and advocacy, and member engagement to become the preeminent, go-to source for all things nutrition.

To navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, we have developed a strategic plan that will serve as a roadmap for priorities and investment over the next 10 years.

In 2028, ASN will celebrate 100 years as a leading advocate for nutrition.

The ASN Board of Directors has appointed a Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF) to ensure the continued relevance and effectiveness of the long-term strategic plan, ASN 2028.


Strategic Priorities

We will pursue our mission through three Strategic Priorities: Knowledge, Engagement and Impact.



ASN will lead efforts to provide science-based nutrition information that is essential to advancing knowledge and improving health around the world.

ASN is a leader in keeping nutrition professionals up to date on the latest science and trends, and we embrace new technologies to broaden knowledge in innovative ways. We provide high caliber, engaging educational programs to support continuing education for nutrition professionals and healthcare providers through webinars, meetings, symposia, workshops, online learning, and other professional development activities. We also aim to educate others on nutrition through high-quality, easy-to-understand materials.

  • Create, Translate and Disseminate Quality Nutrition Science  
  • Employ Multiple Formats – Scientific Publications, Live Educational Events, Online Learning, and Translational Resources  
  • Provide Science-Based Information and Education to Target Audiences Based on Needs Identified and Prioritized through Market Research  
  • Amplify our Impact by Working with Partners, Obtaining Appropriate Funding for our Work, and Aligning with Policy and Advocacy Efforts.


ASN will engage the nutrition science community and relevant stakeholders with opportunities to learn, discuss, grow and work together to improve health around the world through nutrition science and practice.

With nearly 7,000 members from more than 100 countries, ASN is instrumental in convening key stakeholders for the purpose of advancing nutrition science and practice. ASN has a long history of partnering and collaborating with not only our members, but with like-minded organizations to promote shared interests and achieve shared goals as well. ASN will expand its reach and connect with new audiences, including traditional media, influencers, and channels to the public to more broadly share science-based nutrition information and establish itself as the authority on nutrition.

  • Engage and Connect all Nutrition Science and Practice Stakeholders
  • Expand and Strengthen Member Involvement, Collaboration, Programs and Services
  • Generate Positive Interaction with ASN for New Members and Audiences
  • Reinforce Member Involvement to Strengthen Relationship and Reinforce ASN’s Value
  • Encourage and Support ASN Stakeholders in Involving Others with the Society


ASN will lead the world in advancing nutrition science policy and advocacy to improve public health.

ASN is a respected, leading global authority that leverages nutrition data to impact decision makers to establish and enforce sound nutrition policies and regulations. ASN works closely with partner organizations though alliances and coalitions to increase our impact and forges meaningful relationships with Congress and federal agencies. ASN advocates for increased funding for basic, clinical, applied and translational nutrition research and calls upon our members and partners to join our advocacy efforts and strengthen our collective voice.

  • Increase Trust in Nutrition Science  
  • Advocate for Evidence-Based Nutrition Science Policy and Regulation  
  • Foster and Strengthen Relationships with Congress and Federal Agencies  
  • Increase Investments in Nutrition Research  
  • Leverage Networks of Impact including Members, Partners and other Key Stakeholders

Core Values


Redefine the standard in the critical work we do. Celebrate successes but never grow complacent.


Innovation not imitation. To stay relevant, we must constantly stay ahead of Society’s changing needs.


Operate on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Build trusting relationships with each other and other organizations.


Welcome different perspectives and points of view. Allow zero tolerance for ad hominem attacks or discrimination of any kind.

Diversity & Inclusion

Honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. Create and maintain an environment where people of all backgrounds and perspectives work together.

Strategic Imperatives

Operational Excellence

Execute strategy effectively and reliably with continuous quality improvement and engaged volunteer and staff leadership.

Investment & Sustainability

Adopt strategies and activities that meet the needs of the Society and its stakeholders today while protecting, sustaining and enhancing resources for the future.

Strategic Objectives

A ten-year planning horizon is ideal for ambitious outcomes. Operational plans are built in smaller increments of time, each taking us a step closer to our vision.
The 2019-2022 Work Plan is the first phase of ASN 2028; propelling the Society forward to make our vision a reality. Strategic Objectives are outlined within each Strategic Priority, defining ASN’s outcomes for Phase 1 of ASN 2028.


  • Lead Creation of New Programs and Products to Advance Knowledge
  • Expand Value of ASN Journals and Information Resources
  • Develop Translational Products and Activities
  • Conduct Year-Round Educational Activities Live and Online
    – Grow and Expand Flagship meeting Nutrition
    – Expand Online Learning
  • Refocus to a Dynamic Online Nutrition Science Resource
  • Cultivate Partnerships to Broaden Knowledge Activities


  • Launch Membership Expansion Plan to Recognize and Support Members in All Career Stages
  • Build Strategies to Bring Awareness of ASN and its Value to New Audiences Key to ASN 2028 in the US and Around the World
  • Enhance ASN Foundation’s Fellows Program
  • Refocus and Repurpose ASN Foundation to Facilitate a Culture of Giving and Effective
  • Partnerships in Support of ASN 2028
  • Identify Needs, Assess Capacity to Meet and Prioritize New Offerings


  • Implement Trust in Nutrition Science Recommendations
  • Grow Nutrition Action Alliance
  • Advocate for Increased Investment in Nutrition Research
  • Impact Evidence-Based Nutrition Science Policy, including 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • Update ASN Nutrition Research Priorities
  • Further ASN State of the Science Reviews, Guidelines, and More
  • Advance National Institute of Nutrition Discussion

Strategic Planning Task Force

Our comprehensive, long-term strategic plan, ASN 2028, has served as a roadmap for priorities and investment since 2019, helping ASN navigate the challenges and opportunities in successful pursuit of our mission. As we near the end of 2022 and Phase 1 of the plan, the ASN Board of Directors appointed a Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF) to ensure the continued relevance and effectiveness of ASN 2028.

Chaired by Michelle Cardel, PhD, RD and April Stull, PhD, RD, the Strategic Planning Task Force includes a diverse representation of ASN members. Their work to review the ASN 2028 framework and recommend the focus for Phase 2, spanning 2023-2025 is underway; recommendations will be presented to the Board at the end of June.

Task Force Members

Michelle Cardel, PhD, RD, Co-Chair

April Stull, PhD, RD, Co-Chair

John Apolzan, PhD

Alison Brown, PhD, RD

Barbara C. Hansen, PhD

Christopher Hardin, PhD

Mary Ann Johnson, PhD

Faith Newsome

Tia Raines, PhD

Kathleen Rasmussen, PhD

David Sela, PhD

David Seres, MD

Ashley Mulcahy Toney, PhD

Sonia Vega Lopez, PhD

Stacy Wright


Martha Belury, PhD, RDN

Sarah L. Booth, PhD

Paul M. Coates, PhD

Kevin Schalinske, PhD

John E. Courtney, PhD

ASN 2028 Background

This strategic plan is a transformational vision for the future of ASN that builds on our significant accomplishments as we seek new challenges.
It to positions ASN as a major contributor to improved public health through knowledge, engagement, and impact in the field of nutrition science and practice, with a significant focus on expanding our reach.

Development of the strategic plan was led by ASN’s Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC), with vital contributions from members, key partners and stakeholders. More than 100 leaders in nutrition gathered at the ASN VISION 2028 Summit in Washington, D.C., in late 2017 to answer some of the biggest questions facing the field of nutrition.

ASN 2028 Timeline

February 2022 – Strategic Planning Task Force Appointed to Develop Phase 2 Recommendations

January 1, 2019 – December 2022 – ASN 2028 Phase 1

End of 2018 – 3-year and 10-year Action Plans begin in lead up to 2028

October 2018 – Board of Directors adopts VISION 2028 White Paper

August 15 – September 30, 2018 – Drafting of VISION 2028 White Paper, SOC and VISION 2028 Leadership Group review all inputs and incorporate into White Paper

May 31 – June 3, 2018 – NUTRITION 2018: Active communication of VISION 2028 Green Paper, Face-to-face opportunities for discussion and feedback

June 2018 – August 15, 2018 – Green Paper published on website, Membership notified and inputs requested through August 15, 2018

Early June 2018 – VISION 2028 Green Paper reviewed by Summit attendees

April – May 2018 – Drafting of VISION 2028 Green Paper

March 29, 2018 – SOC Tele-conference, Discussion and agreement on core recommendations to ASN membership

March 16-28, 2018 – VISION 2028 Leadership Group meeting: ASN President (Johnson), Executive Officer (Courtney), VP for International Affairs (Cornett), SOC Chair (Prentice) consolidate summit outputs

December 7-8, 2017 – VISION 2028 Summit in Washington, DC: 100 members review successes of 2012-2016 Strategic Map, participate in interactive horizon scanning and ideas generation for VISION 2028

April 2017 – VISION 2028 Initiative Announced and Initiated, Vision 2028 presentation to membership at ASN Society Business Meeting, SOC draws up action plan, ASN commissions external consultants

April 2016 – VISION 2028 Conceptualized: Past-Presidents Patrick Stover & Marion Neuhouser commission Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC) to develop recommendations for VISION 2028


ASN Past Presidents Patrick J. Stover, PhD and Marian L. Neuhouser, PhD, RD along with then President Mary Ann Johnson, PhD and Vice President Catherine J. Field, PhD, RD, and the Board of Directors worked together to put into motion VISION 2028 Phase 1: Insight – Define the Path

The inclusive planning process engaged ASN membership, key partners and stakeholders of ASN, as well as potential new segments, stakeholders and new opportunities.

ASN’s Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC), chaired by Andrew Prentice, PhD, led the planning process.

As a first step in the process, over 100 leaders in nutrition gathered in Washington, DC, December 7-8, 2017 for the ASN VISION 2028 Summit. Together they engaged in discussion with a futurist and a journalist, conducted an organizational diagnosis to look within, and created a transformational vision for the future.

The SOC created a Green Paper from the outcome of the VISION 2028 Summit which became available for review in early June, 2018. Input was accepted until August 15, 2018 and then the SOC incorporated feedback and prepared a White Paper for review by the Board of Directors in the final quarter of 2018. The Board will oversee the delivery of results outlined in the plan in VISION 2028 Phase 2: Action – Shape the Future.