Student Membership

Individuals with an interest in nutrition and who are candidates for an undergraduate, graduate, or medical degree from an accredited institution may apply for student membership in ASN.

Student membership in ASN is more than a line on a CV! Student membership allows you to:

Students account for almost 20% of total ASN membership

ASN’s Student Interest Group (SIG)

The Student Interest Group (SIG) focuses on the interests of student members in the Society. Students are informed of and encouraged to participate in various activities that center on enabling them to gain the most from their nutritional science education.

Society activities allow students to network and prepare for post-academic success. Members of the SIG also work as liaisons with other committees in ASN to provide student perspective where it is needed. The SIG focuses on developing student-specific activities at ASN’s Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions at NUTRITION. Some of the events include hosting an annual symposium, speed mentoring co-sponsored with the Early Career Nutrition (ECN) Interest Group and the Graduate Student Breakfast.

2023 – 2024 SIG Executive Committee

Past Chair

Yiying Zhao (2019-2024)


Lynn Ferro (2021-2025)


Huyen Le (2022-2026)


Maria Cinzori (2023-2025)

SIG Awards Chair

Mary Webb (2023-2025)

Social Media Chair

Kelsi Morris (2023-2025)

International Student Representative

Gideon Iheme (2022-2024)

Undergraduate Representative

Wesley Grace (2023-2025)

At-Large Delegate

Samantha Fessler (2022-2024)

Mwiza Aline Uwashimimana (2022-2024)

Rafia Virk (2022-2024)

Kaelyn Burns (2023-2025)

Saydee Carl (2022-2024)

Zihan Zhang (2023-2025)


Marrianne Collard (2021-2024)

Elizabeth McNeill (2022-2025)


Mariah Bower
Griff Courtney

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