Nutrition Translation from Bench to Consumer

So you want to be a meta-analyst?

The use of systematic reviews to analyze nutrition research, set nutrition policy guidelines, and identify gaps and needs for future

Nutrition and Climate Change

Climate change is no myth. It is real and here to stay. That being said, climate change, agriculture and nutrition

Food and Mood: What Is Nutritional Psychiatry?

Choose your own adventure: Which scenario do you identify with? You wake up crabby and groggy each morning, reluctantly rolling

ASN Announces Understanding Nutritional Science Winning Video

Conversations about nutrition and health are now common in the media and in the lives of many consumers, as they

How does nutrition impact stroke outcome?

By: Nafisa M. Jadavji, PhD   A stroke occurs when there is reduced blood flow to the brain. Blood carries

Sleep: The Most Underrated Healthy Habit

One of the best feelings is when you get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed to take on the

The Art of the Social Media Nutrition Misinformer

I’ve been using Twitter for nutrition science purposes for 8 years now, and so I have observed a lot over

How can we implement better health behaviors in cancer survivors?

Lifestyle interventions targeted at obtaining/maintaining a healthy body weight and/or incorporating physical activity and healthy eating habits have great potential

Coconut Oil: Medical Miracle or Marketing Miracle?

Walking through the grocery aisles, one thing has become clear: coconut oil has come to officially dominate the store. Since

Experimental Biology 2017: Restoring Relevancy of Nutrition Expertise in the Current Food Movement

With the rise in technology, information is at our fingertips–literally. Concurrent with the technology boom, more and more people are