EB 2017

“I’m not really an expert on the subject at all”

Ways to combat impostor syndrome and advance your professional skill set were brought to life during the ASN Student Interest

Experimental Biology 2017: Restoring Relevancy of Nutrition Expertise in the Current Food Movement

With the rise in technology, information is at our fingertips–literally. Concurrent with the technology boom, more and more people are

Experimental Biology 2017: Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition

Sunday morning at ASN’s 2017 Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting began with the “Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition” session hosted by

Experimental Biology 2017: Developing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Behaviors through Education, Extension or Technology

Walking into the “Developing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Behaviors through Education, Extension or Technology” session sponsored by the ASN

At What Point Do We Enact Obesity-Targeting Policies?

How much evidence should be demonstrated before enacting obesity-targeted health policy? This difficult question was debated between two speakers Sunday

Multivitamins and Moving Toward Personalized Nutrition

Are multivitamin/mineral supplements beneficial? How do they relate to personalized nutrition? What even is a multivitamin? These questions were discussed

How Nutrition Science Should Mature

Dennis Bier, MD, was this year’s W.O. Atwater Memorial Award Winner and Lecturer at ASN’s Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting on Tuesday, sponsored

Predictive Modeling in Nutrition

How does predictive modeling influence nutrition research, clinical interventions, and public health? This question was pondered in a session co-chaired