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The Role of Nutrition in Supporting the Immune System Relative to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has put a spotlight on the important role nutrition has in supporting the immune system relative

Making Health and Nutrition a Priority During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

There is little doubt that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives—from virtual classrooms to telecommuting

National Nutrition Month 2020

“Eat Right, Bite by Bite” March is National Nutrition Month®, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates this annually. As

Consumption of water with very low mineral content may compromise bone development in children

Calcium is one of the key micronutrients needed for bone development. It is especially important during childhood and adolescence because

Ebola virus disease: Can vitamin A supplementation lower overall mortality?

There is a crucial need for impactful care strategies to combat the frequent outbreaks and high mortality associated with Ebola

Food insecurity and childhood obesity: Is there a connection?

A well-nourished population requires that all members of society have access to sufficient amounts of nutritious food. Unfortunately, food insecurity

Processed Foods: Nutrition, Definitions and Policy Issues

Recent publications about ultra-processed foods have led to proposed classifications of foods based on the degree of processing and whether

Celebrating National Breastfeeding Month

In August 2011, the Untied States Breastfeeding Committee officially declared August as National Breastfeeding Month, an observance dedicated to advancing

Millions of cardiovascular deaths attributed to not eating enough fruits and vegetables

Study tracks toll of suboptimal fruit and vegetable intake by region, age and gender Baltimore (June 8, 2019) – Preliminary

Nutrition and Climate Change

Climate change is no myth. It is real and here to stay. That being said, climate change, agriculture and nutrition