Clinical Nutrition

So you want to be a meta-analyst?

The use of systematic reviews to analyze nutrition research, set nutrition policy guidelines, and identify gaps and needs for future

Food Intolerance and Food Allergies: The Dangers of Not Knowing the Difference

Food Intolerance and Food Allergies: The Dangers of Not Knowing the Difference Lately, it seems like avoiding a specific food

Can We Prevent Muscle Loss as We Age?

Review published in Advances in Nutrition finds increasing dairy may be an effective strategy to combat sarcopenia. As we age,

Going nuts about milk? Here’s what you need to know about plant-based milk alternatives

I don’t necessarily need to take milk products out of my diet. But as a consumer who is curious about

Can skipping breakfast increase risk of type 2 diabetes?

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes has been dramatically increasing worldwide and is a major health concern. Many well-known lifestyle

A Healthier Lifestyle in the New Year: The Evidence Behind 5 Diet Trends for 2019

It’s time for 2019 New Year’s resolutions, and many resolutions revolve around improving health. Choosing the resolution is easy…now how

Therapies targeting gut microbiota in chronic kidney disease: exciting ideas, but not supported by the current evidence

The gut microbiota is the diverse community of microorganisms that reside within the gastrointestinal tract. The importance of the composition

What role does nutrition play on vascular dementia?

According to the United Nations the aging population is growing and by 2050 the number of people aged 60 years

What’s in a name? That which we call “sweet” by any other name may not be the same.

In the case of Shakespeare, a rose is a rose is a rose – all smell sweet. But, in the

Food and Mood: What Is Nutritional Psychiatry?

Choose your own adventure: Which scenario do you identify with? You wake up crabby and groggy each morning, reluctantly rolling