“Eat Right, Bite by Bite”

March is National Nutrition Month®, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates this annually. As part of their campaign, they invite the public to focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. National Nutrition Month 2020 is themed “Eat Right, Bite by Bite” and the overall message is that quality nutrition isn’t restrictive, but that small changes to diet can have a cumulative effect on health over time. Every healthy nutritional choice is a choice in the right direction! 

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Nutrition Science into Practice

Members of the American Society for Nutrition study nutrition as a science and as a practice. Members represent all areas of nutritional research and their scientific contributions are translated into practice by providing nutrition education and information, resources for dietitians, medical doctors, policymakers, and consumers. ASN members identify solutions to today’s greatest nutrition challenges. Our audience also includes rising leaders in the field – undergraduate, graduate, and medical students from around the world.

To celebrate National Nutrition Month® and ASN’s impact on creating a healthier world through evidence-based nutrition, we will highlight some of our programs and activities that help advance the practice of nutrition, bite by bite. 

ASN pursues its mission through three strategic priorities:

  1. Knowledge. ASN is a leader in keeping nutrition professionals up to date on the latest science and trends, and we embrace new technologies to broaden knowledge in innovative ways. Nutrition professionals are supported through ASN’s webinars, meetings, online learning, and other professional development activities. 
  2. Engagement. ASN engages the broad nutrition community with its 7,000 members from over 100 countries. Through partnerships and collaboration with members and like-minded organizations, ASN provides opportunities to learn, discuss, and work together to improve health around the world through nutrition. 
  3. Impact. Nutrition research and data is vital to establish sound food and nutrition policies and regulations, and ASN, as the authoritative voice for nutrition science and advocacy, facilitates meaningful relationships with Congress and federal agencies to strengthen nutrition research and the field of nutrition science.

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Nutrition Education

Online Learning. ASN’s Nutrition Essentials course provides practical information about the fundamentals of quality nutrition. It is designed for any individual interested in learning the basics of healthy eating practices. 

ASN On Demand. A library of webcasts from past nutrition meetings is available to stream on demand. Valuable content from ASN’s flagship meetings and well as ASN’s Scientific Sessions at Experimental Biology and Advances and Controversies in Clinical Nutrition.

Nutrition Meeting

ASN’s flagship annual meeting, Nutrition, will be held May 30 – June 2 in Seattle, Washington. The meeting brings together the top scientific researchers and practitioners, global and public health professionals and other nutrition professionals to advance nutrition and its practice. Registration is open now!

Some hot nutrition topics to be presented at Nutrition 2020:

  • Precision Nutrition
  • Infant Feeding 2020 and Beyond
  • Improving Intake of Seafood in a Changing Environment
  • Food Pantry Interventions to Improve Diet and Health among Low-Income Populations
  • The Role of Economics to Support Nutrition Policies and Programs
  • Microbiome Research: Progress, Policy, and Promise

More Resources for Nutrition Professionals

  • Nutrient Information. ASN’s collection of nutrient information articles cover a total of 45 topics by experts in nutrients. These include macronutrients such as Protein, minerals such as Chromium, vitamins such as Vitamin B12, specific fatty acids such as Docosahexaenoic Acid, and phytonutrients, such as favonoids. These articles, all free for National Nutrition Month®, serve as an easily accessible resource for dietitians, educators, researchers, and students.
  • ASN Publications. ASN’s 4 peer-reviewed journals are the premier journals in the field of nutrition. The journals include timely nutrition research, commentaries, and critical reviews by leaders in the nutrition community. 
  • Trust in Nutrition Science. Consumers are often confused by conflicting nutrition information they see. ASN is committed to ensuring transparency and objectivity in our practices and in the entire field of nutrition science. Learn more about our efforts to ensure trust in nutrition science and get involved in this initiative.
  • Jobs in Nutrition. Are you looking for a job in nutrition? ASN’s job board has a broad range of opportunities available.
  • Eat Right, Bite by Bite. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics provides national nutrition month toolkits and national nutrition month ideas to help you promote National Nutrition Month events online.

Stay tuned for more news and a special membership offer for dietitians and nutritionists during National Nutrition Month®.

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