Debbie Fetter

Debbie Fetter is a Doctoral Candidate in the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology at the University of California, Davis. She works in the Zidenberg-Cherr research group where her research focuses on how to use technology in school-based, obesity-prevention programs to generate interest towards nutrition and physical activity. She is currently using wearable activity devices as a platform for encouraging students to adopt healthy behaviors through targeted health messages. Debbie enjoys writing and aspires to use her writing to help bridge the gap between the science community and the general public. Hearing misconceptions about nutrition motivated her to create her own blog and Instagram to discuss current nutrition trends, research, and sustainable strategies towards incorporating healthy living. Debbie also holds a BS in Nutrition Science from the University of California, Davis. In the midst of graduate school life, she finds time to run and take group exercise classes. She is an advocate for “variety in moderation” and believes that in a healthy diet there’s always room for a piece of cheese.