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Instagram: The New Frontier for Weight Loss?

When you open Instagram*, you’re immediately bombarded with beautiful pictures of iconic nature scenes, happily engaged couples, the most adorable animals, and, of course, drool-worthy plates of food. This relatively new social network has been growing in users every day and novel ways of using the application have emerged, including tracking weight loss and weight […]

“I’m not really an expert on the subject at all”

Ways to combat impostor syndrome and advance your professional skill set were brought to life during the ASN Student Interest Group and Early Career Nutrition Interest Group symposium on “Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Skills Essential to Leveraging Your Scientific Career” during ASN’s Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting. Phyllis Rippey, University of Ottawa, opened the session […]


Experimental Biology 2017: Restoring Relevancy of Nutrition Expertise in the Current Food Movement

With the rise in technology, information is at our fingertips–literally. Concurrent with the technology boom, more and more people are paying attention to their health and food. This combination has led to mass food movements, changes in food policy, and more. But, who exactly is driving this push for change? What role can nutrition experts […]


Experimental Biology 2017: Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition

Sunday morning at ASN’s 2017 Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting began with the “Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition” session hosted by the ASN Nutrient-Gene Interactions RIS. The presentations that followed addressed aspects of the question: how do genes and nutrition interact? Silvia Berciano, Tufts University, opened the session with her presentation on “Behavior related genes, dietary […]


Experimental Biology 2017: Developing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Behaviors through Education, Extension or Technology

Walking into the “Developing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Behaviors through Education, Extension or Technology” session sponsored by the ASN Nutrition Education and Behavioral Sciences RIS, you could feel the energy in the room as everyone waited in anticipation for the oral sessions to begin. The session began with a presentation by Gabriella McLoughlin, University […]


Does Breastfeeding Make You Smarter?

Good nutrition has been shown to help with survival, growth, mental development, health, and well-being across one’s lifespan. Unearthing precisely what to eat to help achieve maximal benefit has been the subject of many research studies and debates, especially regarding childhood nutrition starting at an early age. Breastfeeding has been recognized for its ability to […]