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The Journal of Nutrition
Volume 152, Issue 5, May 2022

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Volume 115, Issue 6, June 2022

Advances in Nutrition
Volume 13, Issue 3, May 2022

Current Developments in Nutrition
Volume 6,Issue 6, June 2022

  • For patients with osteoarthritis, nutrition education may help facilitate weight and osteoarthritis symptom management. The authors of Mind the Gap: Exploring Nutritional Health vs Weight Management Interests of Individuals with Osteoarthritis set out to determine which nutritional and weight management topics patients with osteoarthritis wanted to address and how they wanted to receive this information. Secondarily, the authors wanted to determine if there is a disconnect between what patients wanted to know and what healthcare professionals provided. The authors surveyed 338 patients with osteoarthritis and 104 healthcare professionals who counseled patients with osteoarthritis. Patients were asked to state their preferences within four domains: strategies for weight management and healthy lifestyle; vitamins, minerals, and other supplements; foods and nutrients to reduce inflammation; and diets for weight loss.  Healthcare professionals were provided these same domains and asked which topics they discussed with their patients.  Survey results indicate “a disparity between nutrition education content preferred by individuals with osteoarthritis (which often lacks empirical support) and evidence-based topics being discussed by healthcare professionals.” The authors recommend that “healthcare professionals must communicate evidence-based management of joint health and osteoarthritis symptoms in patient-preferred formats.”

Editorial Board Updates

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Editor-in-Chief, Christopher P. Duggan, MD, MPH is pleased to welcome Christopher D. Golden, PhD, MPH into the role of Associate Editor for AJCN. Dr. Golden has served as an Editorial Board Member for AJCN since 2019 and support the area, Food Systems and the Environment.  He will continue serving as Associate Editor for 1-year while the prior Associate Editor for Food Systems and the Environment, is on sabbatical and unable to fill this role. Dr. Golden is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Planetary health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. His expertise is in the field of planetary health, a discipline which examines the human health impacts of environmental change, including research on food systems and nutrition.

AJCN Editor-in-Chief, Christopher Duggan, MD, MPH congratulates AJCN Associate Editor, An Pan, PhD, for being named as the Dean of School of Public Health, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in Wuhan, China. HUST has long been ranked as one of China’s top research universities, and US News ranks it 10th in China. Many thanks to Dr. Pan for staying on as Associate Editor despite the added administrative duties!

Reviewer Recognition

2021 Top Reviewers 

Every year, the four American Society for Nutrition journals identify up to five ad hoc reviewers to be named a Top Reviewer from the previous year.  Selections are based on the quality, number, and timeliness of manuscript reviews completed.

The ASN editors are grateful for the support of our many reviewers, and especially grateful to those who go above and beyond by providing multiple well-written and punctual reviews in a single year. Anonymous, conscientious, fair, and timely peer review is the lifeblood of our journals. Top 2021 Reviewers for The Journal of Nutrition are listed below.

Developing Excellence in Peer Review

Early career scientists and others who are new to peer review or wish to refresh their skills are invited to participate in Developing Excellence in Peer Review, a workshop being held at NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE. Taught by an esteemed group of journal editors, the workshop will describe ASN’s approach to peer review, explain what constitutes a good review, describe steps to critically appraise a scientific manuscript, and review ethical considerations.

Authors’ Corner

Publish Open Access in ASN’s Journals at No Charge to You!

Last year authors from Finnish Institutions (FinELib) utilized an OUP Read and Publish agreement to publish 3 open access articles in ASN’s journals! Read and Publish agreements allow authors from participating institutions to publish Open Access, and the institution may pay the charge. Does your institution participate? Find out here!

Call for Papers: Nuclear Techniques in Nutrition Research

Research in human nutrition will advance more rapidly if interdisciplinary studies use a combination of nuclear and related techniques to accurately measure nutritional status along with studies of specific nutrient metabolism, thus allowing for multiple questions to be answered at the same time.

Several of the articles that have published in this series are listed below. Does your work fit here? Read the Editorial announcing this series or find out more about joining this collection here!

Supplement Opportunities

ASN Journals are looking for new supplement topic ideas, supplement coordinators, and sponsors. NUTRITION 2022 is just ahead, or perhaps you have recently attended another scientific meeting with subject matter that would make an interesting supplement. Would you or a colleague like to take the lead and coordinate a sponsored supplement on a particular topic? If so, please alert Gina.Farago@oup.com and the journal’s Editor-in-Chief. Gina can explain the sponsored supplement process and Editors can address questions regarding topics that might be of interest. Supplements are an added benefit to readers of the journal, providing in-depth information on key topics and garnering special attention as themed collections.

Reader Specials

Great Debates in Nutrition: Does the Concept of ‘Ultra-Processed Foods’ Help Inform Dietary Guidelines, Beyond Conventional Classification Systems?

Arguing Yes

Carlos Augusto Monteiro, PhD, MD
Professor of Nutrition and Public Health
University of São Paulo
Sao Paolo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Arguing No        

Arne Astrup, MD, PhD
Senior Project Director – HWC / Senior Vice President – Obesity and Nutrition Science
Novo Nordisk Foundation
Hellerup, Hovedstaden, Denmark
Look here to read the YES and NO articles just prior to the full live debate! 

ASN Journals Influencing Public Policy

A policy document from The Publications Office of the European Union, Exploring changing food attitudes to respect planetary boundaries, released on April 20, 2022, cites an article from the April 2019 issue of Advances in NutritionA Global Review of Food-Based Dietary Guidelines.

Print Issue Delays

Upcoming print issues of The Journal of Nutrition and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition may be delayed because of paper supply chain shortages, followed by a ransomware attack. Service at the printer is being restored, and operations are returning to normal.

Latest Digital Technologies Fuel New Discoveries in Nutrition

According to the United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition’s (UNSCN) June 2020 report, Nutrition in a Digital World, “digital technologies are important tools that can help to transform food systems and assist in the design and delivery of food and nutrition measures.”  The report covers a wide array of digital technologies and their applications, including mobile phone technology to improve the nutrition of children and adults in low-income countries; artificial intelligence to develop healthy and sustainable food systems; and interactive eLearning to boost the nutrition knowledge and counselling skills of front-line nutrition workers in India…..READ MORE

News From ASN

The Best Nutrition Science Is at NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE

Registration is now open for NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE. Discover the latest scientific developments with featured sessions from leading scientists, and original research studies presented in oral and poster sessions.

Join us for hot topics such as:

In addition to lectures and featured sessions, NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE offers forums for discussing the latest science in specific research areas. Choose from almost 20 Groups Engaging Members (GEM) sessions for focused discussions on the topics that matter most to you.

Hear from leading investigators, share your experiences with other researchers, and learn from others who bring different perspectives. NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE offers all the best in nutrition science!

Deadline Extended: Undergraduate Diversity Research Fellowship

The ASN Foundation Undergraduate Diversity Research Fellowship (UDRF) will provide funding for 5 undergraduate research projects that may have an impact to the broader field of nutrition. UDRF Fellowship recipients will be announced at NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE, with the research activities following thereafter. The deadline for applications has been extended to May 16, 2022, 11:59 PM ET. Questions? Please contact awards@nutrition.org.

Award and Grant Opportunities for NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE

ASN is committed to making NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE accessible to everyone who wishes to participate. By minimizing financial barriers, and offering assistance with family care responsibilities, we hope to ensure the best components of ASN’s annual flagship meeting — learning, connecting and sharing — are accessible to all. 

Learn more about the following award and grant opportunities for NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE:

  • Family Support Grants will be offered to scientists attending or presenting at NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE to off-set caregiving expenses for dependent children or family members. Deadline to Apply is May 20, 2022.
  • WW Scholarships for Underrepresented Groups will be offered to researcher, academic, clinician, postdoc, student, or other nutrition professionals from an underrepresented groups to attend NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE, made possible by the generous support of WW International. Deadline to Apply is May 20, 2022
  • Registration Reduction/Hardship Waivers will be offered to offset the cost of registration to NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE for those who have been financially impacted such that they are otherwise unable to attend, or the full registration fee would present a hardship. Deadline to Apply is May 20, 2022

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