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A follow-up to the Women’s Health Initiative Dietary Modification Trial: Are there health benefits associated with low-fat dietary patterns?

The preferred macronutrient dietary composition and its potential impact on health has been debated for decades. The importance of this

Food insecurity and childhood obesity: Is there a connection?

A well-nourished population requires that all members of society have access to sufficient amounts of nutritious food. Unfortunately, food insecurity

Is salted fish carcinogenic?

How certain foods, nutrients, and eating patterns influence cancer risk is of great interest. Although there is no certainty that

Trending Articles from ASN Journals – Week of August 5, 2019

The following articles from ASN Journals have been receiving attention in the news and social media: The impact of keto-adaptation

Do Almonds Lower Your Risk for Cardiovascular Disease?

Review published in Advances in Nutrition finds evidence to support almonds’ heart-healthy claims, but most people don’t eat enough of

Trending Articles from ASN Journals – Week of July 15, 2019

What are the hot topics in nutrition being discussed on social media and in the news this week? Red wine

Intermittent energy restriction: a novel weight loss approach for adolescents

As obesity rates continue to rise worldwide, research remains focused on evidence-based weight loss strategies.  One such strategy that has

A Japanese dietary pattern promotes healthy aging

It is well known that certain dietary patterns such as those rich in highly processed foods are associated with increased

Trending Articles from ASN Journals – Week of July 1, 2019

Just-published nutrition research has hit the news this week, and some older nutrition research has resurfaced. Keep reading to find

Microbiome Research from ASN Journals

In honor of World Microbiome Day, we present a collection of highly cited articles from ASN’s four nutrition science journals