Strategic Directions for ASN Journals and Education Activities

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A focal point of ASN 2028, the Society’s latest strategic plan, is an expanded role for the Society in the creation, translation, and dissemination of high-quality nutrition science through ASN’s publications and educational initiatives.

However, market disruptions including the current health and economic crises, increased competition and open access mandates have prompted ASN’s Board of Directors to examine current operations and future tactics in publishing and education.

In July 2020, a task force was appointed to strategically assess the following areas:

1. Responding to Imminent Change

Ensure business continuity through current and imminent disruptions such as increased competition, globalization, open access mandates and the current pandemic.

2. Increasing Publications and Impact

Expand ASN influence through publication of a greater proportion of high-quality, original research and other scholarly content.

3. Consensus Statements and Guidelines

Assess opportunities and infrastructure needed to amplify ASN’s authoritative voice and impact through the development of evidence-based guidelines, consensus statements and state of the science reports.

4. Optimizing Editorial Operations

Assess opportunities to further optimize publication operations and streamline workflows to further enhance author satisfaction and increase growth.

5. Future Knowledge Initiatives

Identify, prioritize, and prepare development plan for new educational resources and activities to increase member engagement and value, as well as audience growth.

We need your input! How can the American Society for Nutrition broaden its influence and reach through its scientific publications and education activities?  How can ASN better meet your needs through its publications and educational efforts?

Strategic Publication & Education Task Force Members


Marta Van Loan
(Chair, Publications Committee)

Sarah Booth
(ASN Treasurer and Chair, Finance Committee)


Robert Bertlo

Stuart Phillips

Emily Smith

ASN 2028 represents a 10-year planning horizon that honors the Society’s 100-year anniversary and defines a long-range strategic perspective necessary to ensure that ASN is prepared for major changes facing nutrition in an evolving world.

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While continual refinements within ASN’s partnership with Oxford University Press (OUP) have led to greater efficiencies and impact, challenges continue to confront ASN and other scientific and medical societies. Market disruptions caused by current health and economic crises, greater competition, and increasing growth in the number of funders mandating open access are several examples.

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