Publications Guidelines and Policies

For full-text permissions requests including translations, or if  RightsLink is unable to process your permissions request to use material published in The Journal of Nutrition or The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, you may submit your request to the ASN offices with the following information:

  1. Your name, institute, and title
  2. Your fax number
  3. Your complete mailing address
  4. Your phone number

Identify the content you wish to use:

  1. Article citation
  2. Specific content you wish to use (full text, figure, table, abstract, etc.)

Identify the intended use of the ASN material:

  1. Type of publication in which the ASN material will appear
  2. Title of publication
  3. Author/editor
  4. Expected publication date
  5. Publishing company
  6. Retail price of publication (books only)
  7. Medium of publication (print, electronic, etc.)
  8. Number of copies/users
  9. Will the material be translated into a language other than English?

JN translation process
AJCN translation process

Send your request to:

Sarah McCormack
American Society for Nutrition
Rockville, MD 20850
Tel: (240) 428-3616