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Publications Guidelines and Policies

American Society for Nutrition (ASN) is pleased to announce our partnership with Copyright Clearance Center to meet your licensing needs.

With Copyright Clearance Center’s RightsLink service, it’s faster and easier than ever before to purchase reprints and to secure permission to reuse content from American Society for Nutrition publications titles in a photocopy, coursepack, journal, magazine, newsletter, newspaper, book, textbook, intranet, internet, email, thesis, dissertation, or presentation.

Before you request permission to use material, please verify that ASN holds copyright for the material. Credit is given in figure and table captions when the copyright is held by another publisher.

To obtain permission, locate the article of interest from the journal’s archive:

The Journal of Nutrition archive
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition archive
Advances in Nutrition archive

Click Reprints and Permissions (below the article title) link to open the following page (turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker, if necessary) and select the appropriate Type of Use.

Once you are on the RightsLink screen:

  1. Select the way you would like to reuse the content.
  2. Create an account if you haven’t already.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and you’re done.

For questions about using the RightsLink service, please call Customer Support at 877-622-5543 (toll-free) or 978-646-2777, or e-mail

Special Rights: Translations

Rights ASN cannot grant

ASN cannot grant permission to use content for which another publisher holds copyright. Please check figure and table captions for information on whether the material was originally published by another source. Although ASN grants permission through RightsLink, content is not provided.

In addition, ASN does not provide the following:

  • Permission to post ASN articles on Web sites. Please consult RightsLink for ePrint information or ASN for information on linking privileges.
  • High-resolution files for images. If permission is granted, please create a high-resolution scan from a print copy of the journal or contact the author for the image.

Rights automatically granted

The abstract of any article may be reproduced or translated for noncommercial purposes without specific permission, provided that the original citation is included.

Author rights

Effective upon acceptance for publication, the American Society for Nutrition will license the following nonexclusive rights back to authors:

  1. Patent and trademark rights to any process or procedure described in the article.
  2. The right to photocopy or make single electronic copies of the article for their own personal use, including for their own classroom use, or for the personal use of colleagues, provided the copies are not offered for sale and are not distributed in a systematic way outside of their employing institution (e.g. via an email list or public file server). Posting of the article on a secure network (not accessible to the public) within the author’s institution is permitted.
  3. The right, subsequent to publication, to use the article or any part thereof free of charge in a printed compilation of works of their own, such as collected writings, theses or lecture notes.
  4. The right to reuse their original figures and tables in their future works.
  5. The right to present data from their paper at a meeting or conference, including ones that are webcast.
  6. The right to include their article in their thesis or dissertation.
  7. Authors may post a link on a personal website that directs readers to the article on the journals’ websites (,, or; full text of the final, published article cannot be posted on personal or institutional websites or repositories that are accessible to the public.
  8. For Works created under a grant from the NIH and accepted for publication after April 7, 2008: The principal investigators (PIs) of NIH-funded research grants that support work published in peer-reviewed journals must comply with a new NIH policy to have deposited any accepted manuscripts on the PubMed Central website. Authors whose papers are funded by NIH grants will be invoiced to have their papers deposited into the PubMed repository by ASN upon publication ($45 for non-members, $20 for ASN members). The ASN policy is to make articles free online on our website as well as in the NIH repository 12 months after publication. This will satisfy both the ASN and NIH policies.

Authors must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Figures or tables cannot be used in advertisements
  2. The citation appearing at the bottom of the first page of the article must appear with any figures or tables
  3. When publishing either the entire article or specific parts of the article, complete credit should be given to the original source:J. Nutr. (year;volume:page range), American Society for Nutrition,
    Am. J. Clin. Nutr. (year;volume:page range), American Society for Nutrition, or
    Advances in Nutrition: An International Review Journal (year;volume:page range), American Society for Nutrition.


Are your rights not listed here? Contact ASN at