Jack Odle, PhD, Editor of Current Developments in Nutrition (CDN), along with his Deputy Editors, are pleased to announce the winners of CDN’s 2019 Research Interest Section (RIS) Competition.

This competition was designed to spearhead CDN’s exciting new initiative of Special Collections. The collections will target topics of interest to the community of nutrition scholars, and gives CDN the agility to address new and emerging areas of nutrition scholarship. The collections will allow ASN to highlight these areas to the nutrition community at large via its exclusively open access journal.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 CDN RIS Competition, in alphabetical order:

  • Carotenoid and Retinoid Interactive Group (CARIG)
  • Climate/Environment, Health, Agriculture, and Improved Nutrition (CHAIN)
  • Nutrient-Gene Interactions (NGI)

“We appreciate the grassroots support that ASN’s communities of researchers have given CDN by putting forward multiple proposals for special collections,” says ASN Executive Director, John Courtney, PhD.

“These international groups of scientists from nonprofits, government and academia position Current Developments in Nutrition well by broadening the discussion of research on pivotal topics of our time, including sustainability, -omics, and gaps in the US Dietary Reference Intakes.”

John Courtney, PhD, ASN Chief Executive Officer

Submissions are due by February 28, 2020. CDN manuscripts are published at acceptance on average 3-4 months after manuscript submission. We hope to be reading these collections as early as ASN’s next annual meeting, Nutrition 2020,  beginning May 30th.