CDN RIS Competition

Current Developments in Nutrition RIS Special Collection

Application Deadline is Approaching! Submit your proposal by September 13, 2019!

As the American Society for Nutrition’s (ASN) exclusively open access journal, Current Developments in Nutrition (CDN), has agreed to help fund 5̶ 6  Special Collections promoting ASN’s Research Interest Sections (RIS). These solicited collections will target timely topics of interest to the community of nutrition scholars. Each RIS is encouraged to engage their membership to develop a competitive proposal for consideration by the CDN editors.

The top-rated proposal will qualify for 100% waiver of open access publication fees. Other proposals may receive 25–50% reductions in article processing charges beyond standard member rates.

ASN’s RISs were established as part of the American Institute of Nutrition in the early 1990s by Dr. Vernon Young and colleagues “to ensure representation of and support for the various areas of nutritional research within the publications and scientific programs of the Institute, and provide a mechanism for effective involvement of the membership in the affairs of the Institute, and enhance the participation of and contact with scientists in other disciplines who have interest in the scientific fields related to nutrition.” (RIS Charter) All members may join one or more of the RISs listed here.

To contribute to a CDN-sponsored RIS Special Collection, contact your RIS Chair. Find your RIS chair here!