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The Journal of Nutrition
Volume 152, Issue 3, March 2022

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Volume 115, Issue 3, March 2022

Advances in Nutrition
Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2022

  • Time-Restricted Eating: Integrating the What with the When” notes that research on time-restricted eating has largely focused on the effect of the timing of eating, mostly ignoring which food products are consumed: “without consideration of both what and when food is eaten, we cannot begin to understand the potential synergies between these two variables and their potential impact on reducing the burden of chronic metabolic diseases at the population level.”
  • Consumers are encouraged to consume more plant-based foods and fewer animal-based foods for personal health and environmental sustainability.  “Vegan Diets for Older Adults? A Perspective on the Potential Impact on Muscle Mass and Strength” argues that this may not be advisable for older adults: “We propose that a vegan diet increases the risk of an inadequate protein intake at an older age and that current strategies to improve the anabolic properties of plant-based foods are not feasible for many older adults.”

Current Developments in Nutrition
Volume 6,Issue 3, March 2022

  • Food insecurity affects adolescents around the world; however, the current body of research on food insecurity among adolescents has mostly been limited to a few countries.  Moreover, research has traditionally treated adolescence as a single developmental moment, with limited consideration of how food insecurity is experienced by males versus females and at different age points during adolescence.  In response, “Food Insecurity among Adolescent Students from 95 Countries is Associated with Diet, Behavior, and Health, and Associations Differ by Student Age and Sex” presents cross-sectional data from the Global School-based Student Health Survey, examining adolescent reports of food insecurity collected from 337,738 students, aged 11-18 from 95 countries.  According to the authors’ findings, “across countries, adolescent food insecurity was associated with poorer nutritional, mental health, behavioral, and relationship profiles.”  These associations differed by both age and sex.  For example, the study found that food insecurity was greater among older adolescents.  The authors believe the higher prevalence of food insecurity among older adolescents “may reflect patterns found in existing literature, with younger children being more protected from household food shortages by parents’ food management strategies, and older children compromising their own food security to prioritize the food needs of their younger siblings.”

Editorial Board Updates

Kathleen M. Rasmussen, ScD

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Editor-in-Chief, Christopher P. Duggan, MD, MPH is pleased to welcome Kathleen M. Rasmussen, ScD as an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Editorial Board Member. Dr. Rasmussen is the Nancy Schlegel Meinig Professor of Maternal and Child Nutrition in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University. Her expertise is in maternal and child nutrition, including lactation.

Reviewer Recognition

2021 Top Reviewers
Every year, the four American Society for Nutrition journals identify up to five ad hoc reviewers to be named a Top Reviewer from the previous year. Selections are based on the quality, number, and timeliness of manuscript reviews completed.

The ASN editors are grateful for the support of our many reviewers, and especially grateful to those who go above and beyond by providing multiple well-written and punctual reviews in a single year. Anonymous, conscientious, fair, and timely peer review is the lifeblood of our journals. Top 2021 Reviewers for Current Developments in Nutrition are listed below.

Authors’ Corner

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Last year authors from Norwegian Institutions (UNIT members) utilized and OUP Read and Publish agreements to publish 5 open access articles in ASN’s journals! Read and Publish agreements allow authors from participating institutions to publish Open Access, and the institution may pay the charge.

On February 10th, ASN’s publisher, Oxford University Press, and the University of Oklahoma announced a new Read and Publish agreement. This means that approximately 3,500 researchers will be able to access ASN’s and other OUP journals collection as well as publishing in their chosen ASN or OUP journal via open access. Affiliated researchers can receive funding via this agreement to publish open access in both ASN’s hybrid and fully open access journals.

Both this Read and Publish deal, as well as a deal with the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) announced in October 2021, are effective for articles published in 2022.

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Reader Specials

Most Discussed Clinical Research of 2021
The Editors of the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) journals are pleased to share this collection of some of the top Altmetric-scoring clinical research published in ASN’s journals in 2021. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, in the news, policy documents, or elsewhere, these clinical papers have received special attention from researchers and practitioners in the field during the past year.

Keep up to date with the clinical nutrition research your peers are sharing by exploring this collection for free online until 31 May 2022.

Podcast: Hepcidin Pathway and Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
In this episode, Dennis M. Bier MD Young Career Editor Kevin C. Klatt, PhD, RD speaks with first author, Sachelly Julián-Serrano and leader author, Rachael Z Stolzenberg-Solomon, of the recently published AJCN manuscript “Hepcidin-regulating iron metabolism genes and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: a pathway analysis of genome-wide association studies”. In this episode, we dive into genetic epidemiology approaches, iron metabolism, and the risk of PDAC with our 2 guest authors from the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the National Cancer Institute.

AJCN In Press podcasts are available on iTunes, Spotify, and at the AJCN website.

Nutrient Information Update
Vitamin K
M Kyla Shea, Sarah L Booth
View the full collection here.

ASN’s Journals Influencing Public Policy
Report from the Food Agriculture Organization of the UN, Thinking about the future of food safety [PDF], released on March 1, 2021, cites 5 JN and AJCN articles, including:
Sustainability of plant-based diets: back to the future
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, July 2014

Functional Foods: Benefits, Concerns and Challenges—A Position Paper from the American Council on Science and Health
The Journal of Nutrition, December 2002

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