The White Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health will be held on Wednesday, September 28. The Conference will be livestreamed from the Biden administration’s website on the 28th.

Read ASN’s full recommendations for the national strategy to be released during the Conference. ASN hosted a June 2022 listening session during Nutrition 2022 Live Online and collected input from members online to develop these recommendations. ASN has long advocated for a follow-up to the first White House Conference that was held in 1969, including in a letter to the Biden administration transition team in 2020. ASN also submitted a letter in support of a White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health to White House staff and leaders of USDA and HHS earlier this year prior to the President’s announcement of the Conference.

It has been 53 years since President Nixon last convened a White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Health. Nutrition science has evolved considerably since that time, and so too have our nation’s food, nutrition, health, and hunger challenges. Just as the first White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Health significantly impacted federal policies that shaped the nutrition, health, and wellbeing of Americans, this Conference has the same opportunity to profoundly impact the future health of our nation by improving nutrition security and diet-related disease prevention and ASN is pleased to be involved. The policy outcomes from this Conference have the potential to address long-standing health inequities and disparities and reduce health care costs.

ASN and its members have devoted considerable time and focus to conducting and disseminating research towards achieving nutrition security and diet-related chronic disease prevention. Our aim is for the national strategy unveiled at the Conference to reflect evidence-based nutrition research, highlight the need for future research, and provide support for this research to advance the science of nutrition.