Achieving adequate micronutrient nutrition presents some of the greatest challenges in the U.S. and globally.  In developing countries micronutrient inadequacy is linked to a range of adverse health outcomes including poor growth and neurodevelopment, infectious and non-communicable diseases.

Historically, animal source foods have been a source of essential micronutrients. It has been suggested that the higher prevalence of micronutrient deficiency in low resource settings may, in part, be associated with limited access to animal source foods among other factors.

What is the role of animal source foods in addressing the global micronutrient challenge? What are the accompanying environmental factors that could affect the sustainability of this food system?

Watch the discussion from Nutrition 2019 on questions raised through the complex intersection of climate, agriculture and health and learn from these presenters:

  • Lindsay H Allen, PhD, USDA Western Human Nutrition Research Center
  • Joanne L Slavin, PhD, RN, University of Minnesota
  • Frank M. Mitloehner, PhD, University of California Davis
  • Greg Thoma, PhD, University of Arkansas

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