In our third episode of ASN’s ‘Meet the Leader’ series we sit down with member Debbie Humphries, PhD, MPH. We’re talking about global food system challenges, networking at ASN events, maintaining and sustaining relationships, making kombucha and more! 

We are pleased to present our third episode of Meet the Leader featuring ASN Member Dr. Debbie Humphries. Dr. Humphries has been an ASN Member since 2007. As a member, she has been an active part of the production of the ASN annual meeting, Nutrition, and is currently Secretary for the Global Nutrition Council.

In addition to earning a MPH in Human Nutrition from University of Michigan/Ann Arbor and a PhD in Nutrition Sciences from Cornell University, Dr. Humphries earned an MA in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality from Hartford Seminary, earlier this year.

Dr. Humphries has a broad background in public health research and practice. She has been a consultant in the areas of diet and physical activity behavior change, sustainability of community health programs, program monitoring and evaluation, and training in participatory monitoring and evaluation for organizations in Vietnam, Africa and in the United States. She has extended that reach through her Practice-based Community Health Research course which places student groups with agencies in the State of Connecticut to plan and evaluate programs. 

ASN’s Meet the Leader interview series shines a spotlight on our members who have excelled in their field. Each episode corresponds with a unique Research Interest Section (RIS) or Council. Leaders are asked questions about their areas of interest,  journey in their career, opinions on the future of the field, and offer their advice to the next generation of nutrition scientists on how to navigate and succeed in the challenges that await them. Following the interview, student and early career members that serve on leadership committees of ASN’s Groups Engaging Members (GEMs) interact with the leader during a Q&A portion. 

Watch highlights from our interview with Dr. Humphries on YouTube and listen to the full interview and student and early career led Q&A wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Thank you to the following ASN Student and Young Career Members who participated in the Q&A portion of this episode

  • Marcela DeVon Radtke Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology at the University of California, Davis 
  • Bo Durojaye The Ohio State University  
  • Alyce Fly Ball State University  
  • Sabrina Sales Martinez Florida International University  
  • Sumira Phatak University of California Irvine 
  • Cara Ruggiero Penn State University 
  • Yiying Zhao Purdue University  

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