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The Nutrition Talks Podcast has been discontinued. You may access the archive below.

Circulating and dietary magnesium and risk of cardiovascular disease

In this podcast we speak with Dr. Liana Del Gobbo of Harvard’s School of Public Health about the review, “Circulating and dietary magnesium and risk of cardiovascular disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies,” published in the July 2013 issue of AJCN.

Alcoholic Liver Disease

Listen to a podcast with Dr. Charles Halsted about the review “Vitamin-Dependent Methionine Metabolism and Alcoholic Liver Disease.” 

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Fatty acids and adipose tissue

Dr. Naima Moustaid-Moussa discusses her review on n-3 fatty acids and how they may alleviate adipose tissue inflammation and insulin resistance.

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Diet and adiposity review

Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton and Michael Flock discuss their review titled ‘Effects of Adiposity on Plasma Lipid Response to Reductions in Dietary Saturated Fatty Acids and Cholesterol.’ 

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Vitamin C

Dr. Mark Levine discusses Vitamin C and how in science, even if you are not prepared for the accidental discovery, you must pursue it.

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Functional amino acids

Dr. Guoyau Wu discusses what is meant by functional amino acid, and their function in the body. 

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Maternal obesity and congenital heart defects

Dr. James Mills of NICHD discusses a study about maternal obesity and risk of congenital heart defects in babies.

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Low-fat diet and women

Dr. Barbara Howard speaks about the Women’s Health Initiative Dietary Modification Trial and the effects on cancer and heart disease.

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Food insecurity and chronic disease

What does NHANES show about food insecurity and disease among low-income adults? Dr. Hilary Seligman discusses her study in JN.

Green tea and osteopenia in mice

Dr. Iwaniec discusses consumption of green tea and its effect on bone in mice. 

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Are organic foods more nutritious?

Dr. Alan Dangour discusses his recent AJCN study on organic foods, which received a staggering amount of media attention this summer. 

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Can adhering to the dietary guidelines help women with coronary artery disease?

Can adhering to the dietary guidelines help women with coronary artery disease?  Dr. Lichtenstein discusses  the study from July AJCN. 

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Can multivitamins slow age-related decline?

Can multivitamins slow age-related decline? Dr. Chen discusses his June AJCN study: Multivitamin use and telomere length in women. 

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Dr. Ben Caballero provides insight

Dr. Ben Caballero provides insight on whether reducing one’s consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages can lead to weight loss, in reference to a study published in the May issue of AJCN. 

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Listen to an interview with Dr. Marilyn Townsend

Listen to an interview with Dr. Marilyn Townsend discussing her study in April’s AJCN about less-energy-dense diets of low income women in California and their association with higher food costs. 

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New data in the debate over a high protein diet

A recent study in JN provides new data in the debate over a high protein diet for sustained weight loss. Lead author Dr. Donald Layman speaks about the study. 

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Listen to a podcast with Dr. Kristen Hurley

Dr. Kristen Hurley spoke about her recent study in the February 2009 issue of The Journal of Nutrition about the Youth Healthy Eating Index and dietary behaviors of teens in Baltimore. 

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Listen to a podcast with Sara Bleich

From the January 2009 issue of AJCN, listen to a podcast with Sara Bleich discussing changes in the nation’s consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, and ways to reduce or eliminate your intake of these beverages. 

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Listen to a podcast with Dr. Christian Coles

Listen to a podcast with Dr. Christian Coles, coauthor of a study from the December 2008Journal of Nutrition which looks at zinc and the association with acute lower respiratory infection among children in Nepal. 

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Listen to nutrient profiling

Listen to a podcast on nutrient profiling with Greg Miller, co-chair of the Public Information Committee’s EB2008 Symposium, “Nutrition profiling: Global policies and perspectives”