The Embargo Policy

Publications Guidelines and Policies

Manuscripts accepted for publication in The American Journal of Clinical NutritionThe Journal of NutritionAdvances in Nutrition, and Current Developments in Nutrition are embargoed until the article appears online either as an accepted manuscript, on Advance Access, or into an issue. For information on when an article will appear online, please contact the ASN Publications Department by e-mailing Embargoed information is not to be made public in any format including print, television, radio, or via internet, before the embargo date.

Authors of accepted papers in production may speak with the press about their work, provided reporters understand and agree to the ASN embargo policy.

Authors should not participate in news conferences until the day of publication.

Authors can present results reported in forthcoming papers to colleagues at professional meetings. Authors may provide copies of their own accepted manuscript or copies of sections of the manuscript to colleagues at professional meetings provided the copies include the following disclaimer:

This is a pre-publication, unedited version of a manuscript accepted for publication in (name of journal). It is not the final, authenticated version of the manuscript and may differ in content and format from the final published version. It is provided for individual use only and may not be distributed further in any manner or form.

Because all accepted manuscripts are embargoed as noted above, we ask that authors not give copies of the paper, data, overheads or slides to reporters. ASN strongly discourages author interviews with the media before the science is published, except as needed to clarify only the material given in a presentation. In the interest of patients’ safety, and to preserve the novelty of the work, we prefer that detailed press coverage of all submitted manuscripts occur after the journalist has access to the publisher-authenticated version of the manuscript which is the final, published version. Coverage of data and conclusions by the popular press can be considered pre-publication, and ASN reserves the right to halt the consideration or publication of a paper if these conditions are broken.


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