Fact Sheets, Statements and Position Papers

Systematic Reviews, Scientific Statements and Position Statements

The American Society for Nutrition develops a variety of statements including systematic reviews, scientific statements, practice guidelines and position statements, on nutrition and nutrition-related topics.These documents assist and provide guidance to researchers, regulatory agencies, public/private funding agencies, health care professionals, the media, and consumers.

Statements include a balanced summary and critical discussion on the most current research on the topic.They may also contain research priorities for investigators and funding agencies; regulatory, policy and/or clinical practice recommendations; and/or dietary advice for consumers. Active areas of investigation, research gaps and future research directions may also be identified.

Policies and Procedures for the Development of ASN Statements (PDF)

Proposal Form (Word document)

Current Statements

Processed foods: contributions to nutrition

Nutrition research to affect food and a healthy life span
ASN developed Nutrition Research Priorities and the tools necessary to advance them

ACCF/AHA Guideline on Lifestyle Management to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

AHA/ACC/TOS Guideline for the Management of Overweight and Obesity in Adults

Consumption of cereal fiber, mixtures of whole grains and bran, and whole grains and risk reduction in type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease

Consensus Statement on Energy Balance and its Components: Implications for Body Weight Regulation

Waist Circumference and Cardiometabolic Risk

Obesity in Older Adults: Technical Review and Position Statement

Obesity, Reproduction and Pregnancy Outcomes
Joint Position with the American Dietetic Association

Food and Nutrition Programs for Community-Residing Older Adults
Joint position with the American Dietetic Association and the Society for Nutrition Education

Statements Currently in Development

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ASN is pleased to announce the release of six vignettes which describe nutrition research breakthroughs that have resulted in, or have the potential to result in, major public health advances.