Editorial Manager: Instructions and FAQ


When will the new submission site launch?

Effective February 1, 2018, all new manuscript submissions will be made using the new Editorial Manager site.  The current BenchPress site will redirect authors of new manuscripts to the Editorial Manager site.

What will happen to submissions already in BenchPress when the Editorial Manager sites open?

Manuscripts submitted to BenchPress prior to February 1st will continue to be reviewed in BenchPress, and revisions to existing papers can be submitted there as well. Therefore, there will be a period of overlap when ASN editors are working in both BenchPress and Editorial Manager.

When will BenchPress ultimately close?

BenchPress will close for all peer review activity on August 31, 2018.

What will happen to ASN papers in review when BenchPress shuts down entirely?

Journal staff will move any papers without a final decision from BenchPress into Editorial Manager by August 31, 2018.

Will I be able to run reports in Bench Press after it closes?

BenchPress reporting will remain open for all of 2018.

How will ASN’s journal portal work during this transition period?

Once Bench Press is closed for submissions, all transferred manuscripts will be moved manually into Editorial Manager by journal staff for peer review.

Staff Support

Who will provide peer review support for ASN journals with OUP?

OUP has contracted with J&J Editorial to provide peer review support for all 4 ASN journals on the Editorial Manager platform.  J&J Editorial began providing limited peer review support for AJCN in mid-2016. As of January 1, 2018, J&J Editorial has taken on AJCN and CDN.  J&J Editorial will take on the remaining two journals on February 1, 2018. However, Regina Pennington will continue to support The Journal of Nutrition and Advances in Nutrition until the close of the BenchPress platform.

Corrie Williams-Klamborowski provides senior-level staff support, including monitoring all journal e-mails and providing reports.  Kerri Hughes and Sarah Wolper (and potentially other editorial assistants once J&J takes on AN and JN) provide more routine support, including manuscript intake and quality control. ASN staff (Sarah McCormack, Darren Early, and Karen King) will be monitoring the responsiveness and quality of the service provided by OUP and will step in as needed to ensure that ASN editors have the support needed to perform editorial duties efficiently and effectively.

How do I contact J&J Editorial for help?

You can continue to use the ASN support e-mails, and ASN staff will forward your requests to J&J Editorial for response. For quicker response, please use the following e-mail addresses.





Editorial Manager

Who should I contact for help working in the new Editorial Manager peer review site?

Initially, please send your questions and feedback to Sarah McCormack.  Once the sites are running smoothly, OUP will be responsible for site changes, and you can email the editorial office for assistance in Editorial Manager as needed. In addition, as we receive and respond to questions from editors, we’ll save this information to the FAQ document on the ASN website.

What reference material will be available for working in the site?

We will provide you with guidelines specific to your journal when the test site is made available to you. In addition, Editorial Manager has a collection of short videos discussing different features on their peer review sites. The video library can be found at https://www.ariessys.com/views-and-press/resources/video-library/.

When will the test sites be available?

Test driving the site: if you would like to “test-drive” the site, the demo site will be available by  January 22nd for this purpose. Please let us know by January 17th if you would like to work in the demo site so that we can load at least two manuscripts into your queues. Please feel free to act on these manuscripts, but invitations for reviews should be sent only to ASN staff. We will provide information on staff members who can be solicited for reviews when we provide further information on the test site.

Will I have to create a new login?

Yes. Neither ASN nor BenchPress have access to your password in BenchPress. We are therefore unable to import your login information into the Editorial Manager sites.

Will you import records for people who reviewed and wrote for us in the past?

Yes, we plan to import reviewer information and other person records, including review turnaround times and expertise terms, before launching the Editorial Manager sites.

Will ASN have a shared reviewer database?

ASN journals will have a partially shared database. When doing reviewer searches, you can select the drop down menu that designates a search of all databases, and you will see records for people who have profiles in other ASN journals. If contact information is updated in 1 journal, it will be updated in all 4 of ASN’s journals. However, you will not have access to those peoples’ reviewer statistics in Editorial Manager.

How do I search for Editorial Board Members in Editorial Manager?

To search for Editorial Board Members, in the Change Search Type Box, change the drop down menu on right and shown below to Search for Reviewers from (the) Editorial Board Member (role).  Below that in the Search for Reviewers box, change the Criterion to E-mail Address, and the Value to @. (see figure below) This will give you a list of all JN Editorial Board Members.  You could of course, narrow the search by adding additional Criterion.