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Publishing Journal Supplements in Advances in Nutrition

Acceptable Content

Materials appropriate for Supplements to Advances in Nutrition (AN) include:

  • Extensive reports of research
  • Monographs
  • Compendia
  • Symposia and workshops proceedings
  • Workshop reports and reviews

A multi-authored and multi-perspective workshop or group review may be submitted as a single-manuscript report. Supplement manuscripts must be fully developed articles; AN will not accept manuscripts in an Expanded or Extended Abstract format. For manuscripts arising from symposia or meeting presentations, submitted manuscripts should be a full review of the topic of the presentation, with balanced consideration of the literature and state of the science. Manuscripts should not be a summary of the individual’s meeting presentation and should not include unpublished original data.

Multi-manuscript supplements may include a brief introductory article: an Introduction, Foreword, or Executive Summary. The introductory article should be no longer than 1–2 published pages (~1200–1500 words, title page through references). It may not include data, tables, or figures. The introductory article must have a title page with the following title format: “Introduction (or Foreword for/Executive Summary of) to [name of supplement]”). The title page must include the name(s) and institutional affiliation(s) of all the introductory article authors; the name, institutional affiliation, and contact information of the corresponding author; and a Conflict of Interest statement. The document should be uploaded to the submission site with the article type, “Sponsored Supplement Publication Manuscript” and the assigned Supplement ID.

Single-manuscript reviews that do not originate from a workshop should be submitted as a review rather than a supplement.

Approval of Topics

Proposals for the publication of manuscripts arising from meeting presentations must be submitted within 2 months of the date on which the meeting was held. However, organizers are strongly encouraged to submit proposals well in advance of the meeting to allow time for organizers and authors to receive information on publication requirements and for authors to submit manuscripts in a timely manner. To expedite the publication process, it is recommended that authors be asked to provide organizers with a copy of the completed manuscript at the time of the meeting and to submit the manuscript to the journal immediately after the meeting.

Supplement proposal: Organizers seeking to publish material in a supplement to AN should provide the following information:

  1. A description of the proposed supplement publication, including a list of expected articles.
  2. Information on the length of each article and of the full supplement publication. An approximate word count per article is satisfactory, or an approximate number of printed pages (estimated at ~750 words/page).
  3. Sources of funding for the meeting, conference, or workshop, and/or manuscript preparation and publication.
  4. The name of the individual(s) who will serve as the supplement coordinator (see Responsibilities of supplement coordinator for more information).
  5. A completed Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form from the supplement coordinator(s).

Supplement proposals may be sent to: Corrie Williams-Klamborowski (

This information will be reviewed by the Editor of AN, and supplement organizers will be notified of the Editor’s decision.

Financial agreement: in addition to obtaining editorial approval for the supplement topic, organizers must agree to pay supplement page charges to help offset the costs of publication. Information on the page charge assessment and a financial agreement form can be obtained from Oxford University Press (Gina Farago, email: These arrangements can be made before or after a supplement proposal is submitted to Advances, but arrangements must be completed before manuscripts are submitted to Advances.

Responsibilities of supplement coordinator: The supplement coordinator will serve as a liaison between the publisher and authors and the publisher and the organizing group(s). The supplement coordinator will ensure publication deadlines and requirements are met, including the following:

  1. Provide authors with manuscript preparation and submission information, including the Supplement Identifier*.
  2. Ensure that authors submit to the editorial office ( any necessary permissions to reproduce tables or figures from copyrighted sources.
  3. Complete and provide the following materials to the editorial office, prior to manuscript submission:
    1. A completed Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
    2. A completed Supplement Notification and Checklist for the Production Editor*
    3. A list of all manuscripts included in the publication and the format of the table of contents for the publication (showing subheads, if any)

*The Supplement Notification and Checklist for the Production Editor will be provided to the supplement coordinator by OUP after a proposal is approved. The Supplement Identifier will be provided to the supplement coordinator after the Supplement Notification and Checklist for the Production Editor is returned to OUP.

Peer Review

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 4 months after the date of the meeting. If a supplement will not include manuscripts resulting from or summarizing presentations given at a meeting, conference, or workshop, the deadline for the submission of manuscripts is 4 months after the date the supplement is approved, unless another deadline is agreed upon.

Manuscript preparation and submission: Information on manuscript preparation is available online for AN at  Supplement manuscripts must be submitted using the online submission system at The Supplement Identifier must be entered for each manuscript during the submission process.

Manuscript Review: Once we receive the Supplement Notification and Checklist for the Production Editor, we will send manuscript proposal letters for each of the planned submissions. Depending on your preferences about who will submit the manuscripts, the proposals will be sent either to you or to the corresponding author. This will help us track your supplement from this time up until final decision on each manuscript. If the supplement coordinator will be handling the submission on behalf of the author, it is essential that each supplement manuscript be uploaded separately using the link provided by the editorial office.

After submission to the editorial office, all supplement manuscripts will undergo peer review. In addition to the journal’s peer review process, the organizing group may elect to conduct a review of manuscripts before they are submitted to the editorial office. This is not required and will not replace the review by the editorial office, but in some instances, it could help to expedite the overall review and publication process. The Editor retains the right to return manuscripts to authors for revision and may refuse to accept any manuscript not considered suitable for publication in the journal.

Production and Publication

AN is an online-only journal. The electronic version of a supplement is posted at with the full bimonthly issue.

The following statement will appear in the front of all supplement publications:

The material presented in this supplement does not necessarily represent the opinions of the Editor or Editorial Board of Advances in Nutrition, or the officers or members of the American Society for Nutrition. The costs of publication of this supplement were defrayed in part by the payment of page charges. This publication must therefore be hereby marked “advertisement” in accordance with 18 U.S.C. Section 1734 solely to indicate this fact.

Conflict of Interest form


For additional information, contact Gina Farago (

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