ASN Letter Regarding White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health, and Hunger


ASN’s Child Nutrition Reauthorization Priorities

ASN Letter in Support of House Resolution for Nutrition Education for Healthcare Professionals


ASN Letter to White House on FY2023 Budget

ASN Letter to Senate Subcommittee on Food and Nutrition, Specialty Crops, Organics, and Research Leadership

ASN Letter to Dr. Francis Collins, NIH Director


ASN Letter to President-Elect Biden Transition Team

ASN Letter to Dr. Francis Collins, NIH Director

ASN Letter to Congressional Leaders on COVID-19 Stimulus Packages


ASN Letter to Congressional Leaders on the Development of 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Joint ASN/FASEB Statement on Proposed Move of USDA ERS and NIFA Outside of the Washington Capital Region

Proposed NIH Metabolic Clinical Research Unit Closure and Relocation of Functions


Joint ASN/AND Letter to 2018 Farm Bill Conferees in support of nutrition research and education

ASN Letter to National Academies Regarding Sodium/ Potassium DRI Committee


ASN Letter on Graduate Student Tuition Waivers


ASN Letter to President-Elect Trump Transition Team


Sign-on Letter to USDA and HHS Requesting Update of the Dietary Reference Intake (DRIs) Values

ASN and AND Letter to Congress Supporting the Dietary Guidelines Process

ASN Comments on Framework for NIH-wide 5-year Strategic Plan

ASN Comments on Nat’l Nutrition Research Roadmap

Oral Comments to U.S. Government on 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report
Letter to NIH ODS on Strategic Plan 2010-14 Progress Report


Letter to Congress to build on the Bipartisan Budget Act and stop sequestration; December 2014

Letter to Congress to support NIH, its mission, and its peer review process; November 2014

Letter to Drs. Francis Collins and Griffin Rodgers regarding Nutrition Research Coordination at NIH; October 2014

Comments to U.S. Government on Global Nutrition Coordination Plan framework and outline; June 2014

Comments to WHO on Draft guideline: Sugars intake for adults and children; March 2014


Comments to 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee; September 2013

Comments to 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee; June 2013

Letter to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee seeking  revisions to the Government Spending Accountability Act of 2013  (H.R. 313); February 2013


Congratulatory Letter to President Barack Obama; November 2012

ASN Comments on Healthy People 2020 Objectives; November 2012

ASN Comments re: composition of IOM Committee on Consequences of Sodium Reduction in Populations; November 2012

ASN Letter to NIH NICHD regarding proposed 2012 reorganization; March 2012

ASN Letter to House leadership re: H.R. 3433 – Grant Act of 2011; January 2012

ASN Letter to OMB re: FY 2013 Funding; January 2012


ASN Comments on USDA REE Mission Area Draft Action Plan; May 2011

Letter commending HHS for developing Health and Sustainability Guidelines; May 2011

Letter to NIH Center for Scientific Review Advisory Council; April 2011


Letter Commenting on NIFA AFRI RFAs for FY2011; June 2010

Letter to Congress re Function 550 funding; March 2010

AFRI Coalition Letter to House Appropriations Cmte; March 2010

Friends of NCHS Letter to Senate Appropriations Cmte; March 2010