PROTEIN in a Changing Environment (PRICE)

PRICE is a multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary scientific effort examining the intersection of protein nutrition, food systems and health, domestically and globally, in a changing environment. The effort focuses on the impact of this intersection on decisions about diet and health, environmental impacts, and consumer and producer choices.   


PRICE is fostering a discussion about the current status of protein nutrition in the U.S. and globally and will identify: 

  • Gaps in our understanding of the factors that influence choice/decisions of consumers, producers, environmental and health policy. 
  • Data resources, metrics/analytical frameworks, and capacity to support integrated efforts to inform choices of the key stakeholders. 
  • Short- and long-term challenges to moving these agendas forward in a changing global environment. 
  • Factors (social, behavioral, economic, geographic, environment) that impact context specific choice options.  

Shared Learning and Cross-disciplinary Dialogue 

In January 2021, a virtual workshop will encourage active dialogue among approximately 45 participants from various disciplines and stakeholder groups.  Additional virtual events will  review cross-cutting observations, condense ideas and prioritize next steps/future activities. 

Stay tuned for more updates and future discussions with the broader nutrition community. 

PRICE Scientific Committee

John Finley, PhD, National Program Leader for Human Nutrition USDA, Agricultural Research Service  

Daniel Raiten, PhD, Program Director-Nutrition Pediatric Growth and Nutrition Branch, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH 

Naomi Fukagawa, MD, PhD, Director, USDA ARS Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center  

Sasha Gennet, PhD, Senior Corporate Engagement Advisor, The Nature Conservancy  

Mike Grusak, PhD, Center Director, USDA ARS 

Dave Gustafson, PhD, Independent Scientst, Agriculture & Food Systems Institute  

Klaus Kraemer, PhD, Managing Director, Sight and Life  

Lucyna Kurtyka, MS, Sr. Scientific Program Director, Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research  

Frank Mitloehner, PhD, Professor and Air Quality Extension Specialist, Department of Animal Science  

Sylvia Rowe, MA, President, SR Strategy, LLC  

Janice Rueda, PhD, Director of Nutrition, ADM  

Joanne Slavin, PhD, Professor, Univerity of Minnesota  

PRICE Fellows 

Naglaa El-Abbadi, PhD, MPH, Adjunct Lecturer, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University 

Johnpaul Kagulire, MS, Graduate Research Assistant, Tuskegee University  

Natalie Lounsbury, PhD, PhD Candidate, University of New Hampshire  

Clayton Nevins, PhD, PhD Student,  Soil and Water Sciences Department, University of Florida  

The Protein in a Changing Environment effort is an activity of the American Society for Nutrition’s Climate, Health, Agriculture and Improved Nutrition (CHAIN) Research Interest Section.  It is being funded by the ASN Foundation through a public-private partnership.   Special thanks to our sponsors: 


American Society for Nutrition 

National Dairy Council 


DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences 

Egg Nutrition Center 

Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research 

General Mills 

Kellogg Company 

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association 

United Soybean Board 

USDA Agricultural Research Service