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ASN provides nutrition-related education and professional development opportunities for nutrition researchers and clinicians, physicians, medical practitioners, scientists, dietitians, behavioral specialists, agriculturalists, public health practitioners, nurses, professors, students, medical residents, postdoctoral fellows, other allied health professionals, government groups and industry stakeholders — both in the US and internationally.

One of the primary ways that ASN offers educational opportunities to its members is via the ASN Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology. In addition, the Society hosts and co-sponsors other meetings, webinars and webcasts

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Nutrition Education Resource Spotlight: Pediatric Obesity Assessment Online Module

ASN 2008-2009 Clinical Nutrition Internship Program awardee Gita Rao created an Introduction to Pediatric Obesity Assessment online educational module with her internship mentor Dr. Carine Lenders at The Boston University School of Medicine. A team of faculty members and students contributed to the content and design of this project.

Interested in sponsoring future Clinical Nutrition Internship Program awards and having this work featured by ASN? Please contact Paula Eichenbrenner.

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Are you interested in providing mentorship, contributing an education video or other resource, partnering on nutrition research, serving as a nutrition topic expert, or have another professional development idea? We want to hear from you. Please contact Gwen Twillman, Managing Director, Education and Professional Development.