Episode Summary

In this episode, Early Career Editor Kevin C. Klatt, PhD, RD speaks with Harry Jarrett, PhD, Helene McNulty, PhD, RD, MRIA and Mary Ward, PhD, RD about their recent publication, “Vitamin B6 and riboflavin, their metabolic interaction and relationship with MTHFR genotype, in adults aged 18-102 years” in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The authors discuss the rationale for looking at Vitamin B2 and B6 status marker interactions, including MTHFR genotype, and provide epidemiological evidence in support of riboflavin functional status (the erythrocyte glutathione reductase activation coefficient or EGRAC) being a determinant of Vitamin B6 (PLP) status.

Paper Discussed in this Episode:

Vitamin B6 and Riboflavin, Their Metabolic Interaction and Relationship With MTHFR Genotype, in Adults Aged 18-102 Years

Riboflavin offers a targeted strategy for managing hypertension in patients with the MTHFR 677TT genotype: a 4-y follow-up

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