The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Editorial Board is excited to announce its new nutrition science podcast, AJCN In Press.

2020 has shown us that staying up to date with the newest science and feeling connected with peers can be more challenging than ever. AJCN In Press aims to bring listeners a sense of connection with AJCN and the broader nutrition science community.

Led by AJCN’s Dennis M. Bier Young Career Editor, Kevin C. Klatt, PhD, RD, AJCN In Press sits down with authors of newly published manuscripts in AJCN. Klatt and his guests discuss the lead up to the manuscript – everything from the history of the field to a dive into the methods employed and a teaser of the results.

Author interviews will be published on Wednesday mornings on a monthly basis, and last (hopefully) long enough to cover your morning commute! Be sure to subscribe to AJCN In Press on your favorite streaming platform – and rate, review, and share it!

You can find more content from AJCN, including alerts when new podcasts are out, over at their new Twitter handle @AJCNutrition. Find all of ASN’s social media content here.