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ASN is the professional home for nutrition communicators. Rely on ASN to translate scientific information into easy-to-understand data so you can focus on effectively reaching and connecting with your audience.

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I am ASN.

I rely on my ASN membership almost daily…staying updated on policy issues, accessing translated science, and learning from experienced scientists.”

Shelley Maniscalco, MPH, RDN
Founding Partner, Nutrition on Demand

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We are ASN.

We are strong because we are multidisciplinary.

We are translational, clinical and population scientists and practitioners who collaborate in nutrition science.

We are researchers, healthcare providers, wellness professionals, industry leaders, policy specialists, communicators, and educators.

We are strong because we work together.

“ASN connects me with 30,000 other nutrition professionals…I’ve been able to build and maintain important professional connections.”

Laural EnglishLaural English, PhDPanum/USDA Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion

You are ASN.

If you work in nutrition, this is your community. You belong at ASN.

Be A Lifelong Learner

  • The latest science-based nutrition information.
  • Understand complex science.
  • Discover unique and interesting story angles.
  • Grow with access to: webinars, meetings, symposia, workshops and certificate programs.

Get Ahead In Your Career With ASN

  • Network with scientists, physicians, RDs, industry leaders, policy specialists and other nutrition professionals to provide expert background and quotes.
  • Find new job opportunities.
  • Discuss the latest nutrition issues in our private social network, ASN
  • Connect, and in and of our 18 Research Interest Sections.
    Join others in advocating for the issues most important to nutrition professionals.