Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ASN conducting this profile update?

It is important to us that we understand our membership and the entire nutrition community, including your preferences and attributes. We are a diverse community, reflecting broad experiences, perspectives, and ideas. Periodically, we check in with you to ensure we have your current information and preferences and so we can assess our demographics, allowing us to better serve you with relevant programs and services, establish key benchmarks and goals for diversity, equity, and inclusion; and support the development of future programs, services, advocacy, and fundraising initiatives. 

What questions will be asked?

This member profile update covers questions related to your professional interests, employment and education, as well demographic questions about your age range, gender identity, race and ethnicity, sexual identity, ability status, and preferred pronouns. All demographic questions include a “prefer not to disclose” option, allowing you to skip any question.

Are my responses confidential?

Your responses to the new demographic questions are completely confidential. Only designated ASN staff will have access to responses.  Members of the ASN Minority and Diversity Affairs Committee may see individual responses, although names will not be associated with these responses. Your responses to these questions are voluntary and will not be shared outside of ASN or used for any means other than reporting at an aggregate level on ASN’s strategic goals and initiatives. 

Additionally, all other data collected will be subject to ASN’s data privacy policy.

How will this data be used?

Gathering this data allows ASN to maintain your current contact, professional information, and preferences. 

The new demographic information requested for your member profile directly supports a multi-year strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion for ASN. This data will be used to help us better understand our membership and the nutrition community, establish baseline data, identify areas for growth, and set goals for future initiatives.

Do I have to participate?

Participation in the ASN profile update is completely voluntary. However, we encourage you to respond to ensure we have your current information and preferences, and so you are properly represented in the aggregate data.

How can I share feedback on the member profile update questions?

We always welcome your feedback. Please contact our Membership team at with any questions or comments about the survey.

Will you share the results of the ASN profile update?

Upon conclusion of the update period and analysis of the demographic data, the results will be available in aggregate upon request.