ASN Ensuring Trust in Nutrition Science Initiative

The American Society for Nutrition (ASN) commissioned a Blue Ribbon Panel on “Ensuring Trust in Nutrition Science” to develop best practices regarding how to work collaboratively with various stakeholders across sectors and disciplines while maintaining transparency and scientific rigor in nutrition science to uphold the trust of all stakeholders.

These best practices will apply to various stakeholders across industry, government, academia and other nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations within the field of nutrition and beyond.  The best practices will help to ensure transparency, objectivity, and comprehensiveness and guide the Society’s activities, as well as help ASN members and other nutrition scientists and researchers achieve the best nutrition science that maintains scientific rigor and transparency while ultimately benefiting public and individual health.

Specific desired outcomes are as follows:

  1. Establish recognized best practices that allow collaboration across industry, government, academia, and nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations that can be applied to the field of nutrition leading to the best science possible, attained with the highest level of rigor and transparency. 
  2. Make the best practices publicly available for all interested parties to reference and use through a high-profile publication.
  3. Best practices guide ASN and other organizations within the field of nutrition.


On February 9, 2016 ASN announced the creation of the Blue Ribbon Panel that will focus on ensuring the public trust in academic and professional scientific societies through best practices in scientific rigor and transparency.

The Panel is charged with identifying best practices to allow effective collaborations while guiding ASN’s activities to be transparent, advance research, and maintain scientific rigor; engendering trust among all nutrition science stakeholders. The Panel will be chaired by Dr. Cutberto Garza, Professor Emeritus, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University.

Read the press release announcing the Panel.

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Panel Members

Cutberto Garza, MD, PhD (Chair)

Vinita Bali

Catherine Bertini

Eric Campbell, PhD

Edward Cooney, JD

Michael McGinnis, MD

Sylvia Rowe

Robert Steinbrook, MD

Catherine Woteki, PhD

Patrick Stover, PhD (ex-officio member)

John Courtney, PhD (ex-officio member)

Please contact Sarah Ohlhorst with questions or for more information.