The heartbreaking murder and ongoing injustices inflicted on Black Americans is unacceptable. The deep and tragic wounds of racism and injustice must be addressed by concrete actions from government, civic institutions, professional organizations, communities, and individuals. Our nation is desperate for healing, a healing which will only be achieved by each of us listening, understanding, engaging, advocating, and working together. 

The American Society for Nutrition (ASN) stands in solidarity with all people of color. We condemn any and all racist language, racist behavior, and the resulting social determinants of racism. We honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. 

ASN’s Mission is to advance the science, education, and practice of nutrition with a vision of a healthier world through evidence-based nutrition. With that being said, we recognize that it will take the entire nutrition community made up of individuals with diverse experiences, perspectives, and ideas to make our vision a reality. This diversity is the fundamental strength of our professional society.

ASN is guided by our Core Values of Diversity & Inclusion, Drive, Innovation, Integrity and Respect. We aspire to create and maintain an environment where people of all backgrounds work together. We welcome different perspectives and points of view. We have zero tolerance for ad hominem attacks or discrimination of any kind. We prioritize diversity and inclusion throughout ASN programs and activities. We can do better.

We commit to the following actions that prioritize diversity and inclusion:

  • ASN will advocate for increased governmental and non-governmental resources and solutions to address the nutrition and health disparities that disproportionally impact communities of color in America.
  • ASN will increase diversity and inclusion resources to fund additional minority grants, scholarships, publishing waivers. We will invest in initiatives to learn from each other and prepare a diverse, new generation of nutrition science leaders.
  • ASN will find innovative ways to provide a space for and to amplify the voices of people of color in the greater nutrition community. 
  • ASN will elevate accountability for diversity and inclusion within our volunteer and staff leadership structure. The Minority and Diversity Affairs Committee will advise and serve on the ASN Membership Committee chaired by ASN’s Secretary, an Officer of the Board of Directors. Resources will be allocated for senior staff and streamlined implementation of necessary change across the Society.
  • ASN will take these and other actions with compassion, empathy, and transparency. Recognizing that we do not have all the answers, we will continue to ask for recommendations as to what more we can do.

We will do better for our members, for our staff, for our loved ones, and for a healthy world through evidence-based nutrition science and practice.