Ten years ago, with dedication and hard work, Professor John Suttie launched the first review journal for the American Society of Nutrition, Advances in Nutrition (AN). The inaugural issue was published in November 2010 with five review articles and a Nutrient Information brief. Within this first decade of the journal, it has moved to become ASN’s highest-ranked journal by Impact Factor.  To celebrate this milestone, we have reached out to people who helped found the journal and share their statements below.

ASN Past President Rob Russell, MD, and author of “It’s the Right Time for Advances in Nutrition

…the Board agreed that the time was probably right to  launch the new journal to be called “Advances in Nutrition”- but with keeping a careful eye on how the journal would develop over the ensuing few years. Under the leadership of a terrific first editor in John Suttie, Karen King, and a top notch group of Associate Editors and staff, the journal proved to be a pretty quick and popular success.

– Rob Russell, MD, Tufts University

Professor John Suttie

Associate and Assistant Editors at journal launch

Following the solid foundation, and as the leadership passed to Dr. Katy Tucker, it was well-positioned for growth, and under her leadership it has risen to high esteem. This success story is worth documenting and remembering.  It started with an insightful idea.  We risked failure to create something new.  ASN invested, and “the stars aligned”. I am proud to be part of a professional society that is willing to take some risks and to invest in ADVANCING the scholarship of NUTRITION. There could not be a better example than the launch of Advances.

– Jack Odle, PhD, North Carolina State University

Congratulations to Advances in Nutrition on their 10th Anniversary. I can hardly believe that it was just over 10 years ago when John Suttie bought me a beer and asked if I would be an Associate Editor on a new ASN journal he was starting.

– Catherine J. Field, PhD, RD, University of Alberta

It has been an honor to be associated with AN since it began and to have had the opportunity to read all of the interesting papers that have been published over the last 10 years.

– Kathy Harden, PhD, American Society for Nutrition

Editorial Board Members at journal launch

We had a good time developing the plans for the Nutrient Information articles – building off of the documents that had been written previously for the journals.  It was very rewarding to see the impressive list of authors for the new Nutrient Information articles come together.

– Nancy D. Turner, Michigan State University

I am proud to have been associated with the launch of Advances in Nutrition (AN).  I have to admit I was skeptical since both JN and AJCN had review sections already and at first I felt we were competing rather than complimenting but John Suttie and the Editorial Board were careful in selecting only quality reviews; and history has revealed the process to be a success. Onward and forward.

– Joseph Prohaska, PhD, University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth

I was proud to be a member of Advances in Nutrition’s inaugural Editorial Board under John Suttie. When he retired, I served on the Editor Search Panel to find a new Editor for Advances in Nutrition. I especially remember the cohesiveness of that committee’s members.  John Suttie gave us a great vision for the journal and sent us off – all with a clear charge and a common goal.  As a result of his direction, it was easy to see the characteristics that would make a great editor.  We had many excellent candidates for editor and the choice of Katherine Tucker provided just what the journal needed.  We have all been very lucky to have her leadership. This is a very happy anniversary!

– Elizabeth Parks, PhD, University of Missouri

Ever the skeptic, and always the person in the room asking “What is the premise for this idea?” I remember being a member of the Publications Committee when the concept of a review journal was first under consideration.  Admittedly, with the future of subscription-based journal models in question (even back then), I wondered aloud if there was a need for yet another ASN journal.  Then, as Advances evolved and became reality, I was pleasantly surprised (and honored) to be asked to help out as an Editorial Board Member.  Skeptic or not, it was time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and try hard to make Advances in Nutrition a success.  What Drs. Suttie and Tucker have done since those early days is amazing.  At first, editors were desperately trying to find a handful of papers just to fill a given issue—now, the journal is swamped with submissions!    

– Sean H. Adams, PhD, FTOS, University of California, Davis, School of Medicine

I am glad to have had the privilege of joining in at the launch of “Advances in Nutrition”, John Suttie’s ‘baby’.  At 10 years on, the journal has matured well and has found a well-deserved place in the nutrition literature. The top-quality insightful reviews have become a valuable tool in an expanding field of research. My base is that of biochemistry and molecular biology, and this area has been treated well in some reviews in the journal.  Hopefully, the link to basic research will be maintained and strengthened in the future. Overall, whole-hearted congratulations and thanks to John Suttie!

– Helmut Sies, MD, Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet Duesseldorf

Authors in the inaugural issue of Advances in Nutrition

Author of Choline

I was honored when John Suttie asked me to contribute to the newly launched journal “Advances in Nutrition.”  It has become a very important way for people to stay on top of what is happening to move the discipline of nutrition forward.  Without John’s vision, and the society’s commitment, this journal would not be here to help us all today.

– Steven H. Zeisel, MD, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Author of Functional Amino Acids in Growth, Reproduction, and Health

I would like to thank Dr. John Suttie for the kind invitation to witness the launch and development of Advances in Nutrition. This journal has moved the field of nutritional sciences forward. The visionary leadership of Dr. Suttie in editing Advances in Nutrition will be forever gratefully appreciated by members of the scientific community.

– Guoyao Wu, PhD, Texas A&M University

Author of (n-3) Fatty Acids: Clinical Trials in People with Type 2 Diabetes

Participating in a long-term USDA Regional Research project focused on n-3 fatty acids, then reviewing n-3 human toxicity data for the Dietary Reference Intakes, these essential nutrients have always been high on my to-do list. When I learned that Dr. Suttie was editing Advances in Nutrition, right away I sent a proposal on n-3 human trials in people with type 2 diabetes. The topic seemed timely and focused enough to fit the new journal’s scope. I knew from reviewing many papers for J. Nutr. under John’s editorship that it would be a good, rigorous experience to do this project. I was pleasantly surprised that my paper started on page 1 of volume 1 of the journal. I’m glad to have contributed and to see the arc of progress. Congratulations!

– Suzanne Hendrich, PhD, Iowa State University