The French Brown Bag

By Emily Roberts The American Cafeteria The quality, cost and nutritional adequacy of school lunches have been an ongoing hot

The Folate Fortification Story – How we fixed one problem…but may have created another

By: Mary Scourboutakos Neural tube defects are a type of birth defect—affecting the brain, spine or spinal cord—that result from

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A new rationale for breastfeeding – the benefits for the Mom!

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Living the Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean Diet is based on the eating patterns in the Mediterranean region and focuses on fruits, vegetables, fish, whole

Spotty labeling confused this customer…the lesson I learned about rBST labeling

By Mary Scourboutakos Living in Canada, I was never worried about recombinant bovine somatotropin hormone, aka rBST. This synthetic hormone,

ASN Focused on Collaboration to Solve Nutrition’s Complex Problems

By John E. Courtney, PhD As a society, ASN highlights the very best scientific research that promotes healthy people and

Is There a Best Calorie Counter?

By Brett Loman Americans are more aware of what we are eating than ever before, but how we choose to

Multiple Micronutrients Offer Multiple Possibilities for Pregnant Women and Newborns

By Marion L. Roche, PhD, Micronutrient Initiative An estimated 42% of pregnant women are anemic. Anaemia in pregnancy is associated