2020 Business Meeting

Welcome to ASN’s Virtual Business Meeting! ASN President Richard D. Mattes, PhD, MPH, RD, Treasurer Sarah Booth, PhD, Secretary Kevin Schalinske, PhD, and Vice President Lindsay Allen, PhD, have prepared a video business meeting for members to watch on demand at their convenience. They will also engage with members during the Telephone Town Hall on Thursday, May 14, 2020 in which you and your colleagues can call in to ask questions, provide suggestions to the ASN leadership, or simply listen to the live Q&A discussion. 


0:25 – Update on Presidential Priorities – Catherine Field, PhD, RD, ASN President

1:47 – Trust in Nutrition Science Initiative

3:00 – Supporting Membership

6:05 – Presidential Symposium at Nutrition 2019

6:52 – ASN Journals

8:48 – ASN Governance / ASN 2028

12:50 – Treasurer’s Report – Paul Coates, PhD, ASN Treasurer

21:23 – Secretary’s Report – Kevin Schalinske, PhD, ASN Secretary

24:58 – Incoming Presidential Priorities 2019-20 – Rick Mattes, PhD, MPH, RD, ASN President 2019-2020

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