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Traverse Science


Traverse Science’s mission is to enable evidence-driven decisions. We empower businesses to substantiate scientific claims, decrease time to market, steward their brand, and reduce risk through systematic literature review.

Interested in building collaborations within these functional areas:
Sustainability, Carbohydrates, Regulatory, Dietary Supplements, Microbiome

Support & Funding Opportunities:
Our team has enabled food & beverage, dietary supplement, and food ingredient organizations de-risk clinical trials, increase publication frequency, substantiate claims, and identify strategic R&D pipelines by mining existing literature while maximizing return on investment. We offer research support through systematic review, evidence mapping, and other services that help leverage existing literature.

Career Support:
We provide paid internship opportunities for students developing skills in systematic review for the food and beverage industry. We also support the transition to industry careers through contract and freelance opportunities that allow academically-trained professionals to explore other opportunities before making a larger commitment. We are always open to expanding our network, feel free to reach out us at

Sustainability Support and Expertise:
Through our services we have supported sustainability by validating paths towards up-cycling raw ingredients and identifying environmental risks and health impacts of waste streams. We are currently striving to deepen our engagements in sustainability. We can provide support for sustainability efforts through interpreting lifecycle analyses that assess the full environmental impact of a product or ingredient from development to distribution. We have also helped identify innovation pipelines that up-cycle waste streams into new products and formulations.

Regulatory Insights and Expertise:
Regulatory, IP protection, and other strategic initiatives require a strong understanding of the science. Our team helps our clients amplify their time and experience through the process of substantiating claims, supporting regulatory dossiers, establishing safety and efficacy of products, and positioning IP within the patent landscape. We assist with the production of regulatory dossiers by providing evidence synthesis and systematic review of the existing literature. This has assisted our clients with claim substantiation and other regulatory efforts.

Upcoming Events:
We are open to collaboration with other groups on this front.

Business Overview

Market Segment:
Interested in Collaborating With:
Stephen Fleming, PhD