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California Walnut Commission

California Walnut Commission

California Walnut Commission


The California Walnut Commission (CWC) supports health-related research on walnuts through grants and the provision of walnuts. Research priorities are identified in consultation with our Health Research Advisory Group. Since the inception of the health research program, more than 220 CWC-supported, peer-reviewed papers have been published examining the effect of walnut consumption on heart health, cognitive health, cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, gut health, body weight/composition, reproductive health, nutrient and bioactive composition, food modeling, bone health and research methodology. The CWC is committed to building a strong foundation of high-quality scientific evidence, from pre-clinical research in the early stages of exploration to human observational, epidemiological and clinical intervention studies that determine the health effects of walnut consumption across the lifespan.

The CWC is dedicated to supporting the scientific process. Engagement within the research community should be purposeful and transparent with meaningful interactions that provide tangible opportunities for learning, collaboration and advancement of science.

The CWC is committed to eliminating research bias based on funding source, therefore CWC requires the following:

  • Control of both study design and research is conducted by researchers.
  • The research team submit results from all completed studies for publication regardless of outcomes.
  • Payment of research is not contingent on the outcome of a research project.
  • Supported researchers disclose their relationship with CWC in all relevant publications and conference presentations.
  • Only the highest quality research proposals are considered. CWC utilizes its Health Research Advisory Group (external nutrition science experts who provide insight and guidance) as well as Peer Review Panelists (experts in specific areas of research) in its selection of scientifically sound research proposals.
  • CWC’s Health Research Program issues a formal request for letters of intent that is open to the entire research community.

For more information and updates please see California Walnuts website.

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Protein, Dietary Patterns, Immune Function, Sustainability, and Gut Health

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