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Brightseed enables a healthier future by illuminating and activating the connections between plants and people. Using computational biology and machine learning, Brightseed’s Forager artificial intelligence tool is designed to uncover how small plant molecules impact human biology. Forager’s discoveries support major areas of human health, including metabolism, digestion, cognition, and immunity. Discoveries undergo clinical evaluation, regulatory review, and commercial development to deliver powerful, yet natural solutions.

Interested in building collaborations within these functional areas:
Dietary supplements, medical foods, sustainability, precision health & nutrition

Support & Funding Opportunities:
We can provide test materials for research studies upon request.

Career Support:
Brightseed is open to internships and we have regular postings for new roles in nutrition, life sciences and clinical research through our website.

Upcoming Events:
Brightseed is currently building our conference presence for 2022. Check back for updates.

Business Overview

Market Segment:
Jan-Willem van Klinken, MD, PhD, MS, FACN
Senior Vice President Medical & Scientific Affairs