Sydne Jennifer Newberry

Sydne Newberry has served as a research communications analyst for the RAND Corporation and the medical editor for the Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center (SCEPC) since 2000. As a nutritionist, she has also served as a project lead and literature reviewer for SCEPC evidence reviews in the areas of nutrition, endocrinology, military health, integrative medicine, and other areas of clinical medicine. In addition to her work with the SCEPC, Sydne designs dissemination products for various media and audiences; writes her own blog clarifying nutrition messages in the media for her website,; teaches nutrition; and works with clients. Prior to joining RAND, she was a nutrition instructor and project manager for the Department of Community Health Sciences in the UCLA School of Public Health, managing the editing and revision of a nutrition encyclopedia for consumers and a reproductive nutrition guide for health care providers. Prior to joining UCLA, she was the Project Officer for the Institute of Medicine/Food and Nutrition Board/Committee on Military Nutrition Research of the National Academy of Sciences. She has also held academic and research positions at the Ohio State University and the Fels Research Institute/Wright State University School of Medicine (Dayton OH)