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The Debate Over the Health Effects of Food Processing

While debates about the relative healthfulness of carbohydrates/type of fat/salt/sweeteners/etc. never cease, there is one nutritional message that can unite (almost) anyone: eat less processed foods. On the surface, this seems obvious; after all, the top sources of calories for adults in the US include grain-based desserts, burgers, sugar-sweetened beverages and chips (1,2), which are […]

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Alkaline Diets and Kidney Disease

Many dangerous fad diets exist that purport to treat diseases such as cancer by manipulating the pH of blood with different foods. While there is no good evidence that acidic foods alter the body’s pH and promote disease, the hypothesis that “dietary acid load” relates to disease should not be completely dismissed. The kidney serves to […]

At What Point Do We Enact Obesity-Targeting Policies?

How much evidence should be demonstrated before enacting obesity-targeted health policy? This difficult question was debated between two speakers Sunday at ASN’s Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting, as part of the Obesity Research Interest Section Forum, chaired by Andrew Brown, PhD. The first speaker, Laura Schmidt, PhD, defended the need to set such policies early on. According […]

Multivitamins and Moving Toward Personalized Nutrition

Are multivitamin/mineral supplements beneficial? How do they relate to personalized nutrition? What even is a multivitamin? These questions were discussed at the “Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements in the Age of Personalized Nutrition” session Sunday during ASN’s Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting. The chair of the session, Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, introduced the session by noting that we don’t […]

How Nutrition Science Should Mature

Dennis Bier, MD, was this year’s W.O. Atwater Memorial Award Winner and Lecturer at ASN’s Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting on Tuesday, sponsored by USDA-ARS and ASN. His talk, titled “Traveling the Road From Precision to Imprecision- Have I Gone in the Wrong Direction?” was a broad critique on the state of nutrition science, contrasting his long research […]

Predictive Modeling in Nutrition

How does predictive modeling influence nutrition research, clinical interventions, and public health? This question was pondered in a session co-chaired by David Allison, PhD, and Kevin Hall, PhD, on Saturday morning at Experimental Biology. Dr. Allison introduced the session by giving an overview of some uses of predictive modeling related to nutrition research: modeling the […]