ASN partners with International Union of Nutritional Sciences to publish proceedings and summaries from 21stInternational Congress of Nutrition

Summaries of selected lectures appear in a special supplement issue of Advances in Nutrition.

Rockville, MD – February 6, 2019 –The American Society for Nutrition has partnered with the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) to publish summaries of selected Plenary and Keynote lectures from the 21st International Congress of Nutrition (ICN), which was held on 15–20 October, 2017. The summaries are appearing in a special supplement issue of Advances in Nutrition (AN), ASN’s review journal, that published online on 5 February 2019.

The supplement consists of 5 articles summarizing some of the most significant lectures given during the 5-day conference, on topics such as the links between diet, gut microbiota, and obesity; the mechanisms behind the various actions of probiotics; alternative methods for measuring child nutritional status; the effects of sweeteners on the composition of the human gut microbiome; and ways to assess the impact of obesity on the global population.A brief Guide and Proceedings document is also included, providing a historical context to the IUNS and their mission and objectives, and summarizing the 21st ICN.

“The 21st ICN covered all aspects of nutrition, dealing with a wide variety of topics and different perspectives,” said Prof. Angel Gil, Executive Committee Director. “As nutrition research continues to generate more discoveries, the issue of nutrition security was at the core of the congress, which had the motto, ‘From Sciences to Nutrition Security’. Key aspects of nutrition in a multicultural environment, from state-of-the-art reviews to cutting edge nutritional science information, were presented during the conference. This supplement in Advances in Nutrition presents the information from the congress to a wider audience, with a collection of summaries from the plenary and special lectures that were presented.”

About the International Union of Nutritional Sciences. The IUNS was formed in 1946, with its stated objective being to organize international congresses to be held every 4 years to exchange information and publish the results of scientific investigation. Over the course of the years, the Union has grown and adopted more activities alongside the scheduling of congresses, and now involves 81 Adhering Bodies and 18 affiliated organizations. The Union’s mission and objectives are to promote advancement in nutrition science, research, and development through international cooperation at the global level, and to encourage communication and collaboration among nutrition scientists as well as to disseminate information in nutritional sciences through modern communication technologies.

About Advances in Nutrition. Established in 2010, AN publishes literature reviews focused on key findings and recent research in all areas of interest to nutritional scientists and biomedical researchers. This includes nutrition-related research efforts directed toward biochemical, molecular, and genetic studies utilizing experimental animal models, domestic animals, and human subjects,as well as clinical nutrition, epidemiology and public health, and nutrition education. With a 2017 Impact Factor of 6.853, AN is in the top 4th percentile of the 8,994 journals in the Science Citation Index. ASN previously partnered with IUNS to publish the proceedings and summaries from the 20th ICN, held in 2014, and we are pleased to continue this relationship.