Strengthening National Nutrition Research

For many years, ASN has advocated for increased federal government support of and better coordination of nutrition research across all federal agencies. Now, with your help, ASN has the opportunity to pursue further options in our efforts to strengthen federal nutrition research. We are seeking your input after reviewing the recently published paper “Strengthening national nutrition research: Rationale and options for a new coordinated federal research effort and authority”.

Please let us know your opinion regarding ASN’s potential role, next steps, and your suggestions for additional strategies ASN should consider to strengthen federal nutrition research through Friday, August 21, 2020.

Best Practices in Nutrition Science to Earn and Keep the Public’s Trust

As part of ASN’s trust initiative, ASN is pleased to share the following draft documents, Guiding Principles for ASN Relationships with Entities at Interest and Guiding Principles for Managing and Conducting Nutrition Research Funded by Entities at Interest, for the ASN membership’s review and feedback. These are in response to Recommendation #1: ASN should develop a rigorous, transparent approach to co-sponsoring and managing all activities financially supported by “entities and/or individuals at interest.” and Recommendation #4: ASN should develop guidelines for its members in managing and conducting nutrition research funded by entities at interest – often those with a financial stake in the outcomes of the funded work.

We appreciate feedback from the ASN membership on these draft documents. Please submit any feedback you may have by August 21, 2020. The drafts will be revised further based on the input received and the ASN Board of Directors will have final review and approval before implementation by ASN. Additional documents resulting from ASN’s trust initiative will be shared for ASN member input following this initial review period.